At Publishing Xpress, we are frequently asked whether book self publishing is a worthwhile effort for an author. All we can say is there is nothing quite like seeing your book in print for the first time! For many authors, the fastest road to that objective is through book self publishing.

Book Self Publishing Services

At Publishing Xpress, we make authors dreams come true by providing a low cost, efficient way to get your book published quickly. With a minimum order quantity of only 25 copies, low costs, four binding styles, fast turnaround times (a standard 4 business days after proof approval and even faster times for an additional charge), three standard book sizes (and an infinite number of nonstandard sizes), great customer service, and 100% satisfaction guarantee, there is no reason not to get in on the book self publishing craze today! Our online calculators can give you an instant quote on your printing project:

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Resources for Book Self Publishing

To help you in your book self publishing adventure, we have accumulated a list of articles that appear on our website:

Or check out some of our spotlights on clients with book self publishing projects:

You should also check out other resources on the Internet to help you with your book self publishing efforts, including trade organizations. For instance, the Alliance of Independent Authors has numerous tips and resources on its website.

Book Self Publishing Tips

When you choose book self publishing, you are responsible for everything — not just writing the book. Editing, layout, cover design, book printing, and marketing all fall on your shoulders. You can hire people to help you with any or all of these things, but you are ultimately responsible. As you go through the book self publishing process, consider these tips:

Edit Your Book

Take a big sigh of relief once you have finished writing your book. After that brief respite, your next thought should be about editing the book. You can certainly do it yourself, but authors often have a tough time being objective about their writing. And after looking at your writing day and day for a long period of time, it can be difficult for you to even see typos, let along grammatical errors. Strongly consider getting a professional editor to go over your book. If you can’t afford that, consider asking a friend or relative who is strong in the English language and is an avid reader.

Make Sure Your Cover Is Well Designed

Forget the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Everyone judges a book by its cover, so you want to make sure that your cover is really well designed. You can certainly design the cover yourself or hire a freelancer to do the work for you. Another alternative is to let Publishing Xpress design your cover. For only $100, our team of designers will design a custom cover with proper bleeds and spine. You get two free rounds of changes with your $100. After that, further changes are only $25 a round.

Review Other Books

If you want your book taken seriously, it has to be layed out professionally. Start by looking through a few books that you find attractively designed. What do you like about these books? Look at the fonts and the size of the fonts. Is the text justified or ragged right? What design elements are used to start each chapter?

Where are page numbers located? Make sure to include all of the elements typically found in a book — a title page, copyright page, table of contents, foreword, and preface in the front and an epilogue, afterword, appendix, and author biography in the back. You may not need all of these elements, but make sure to use the ones appropriate for your book.

Market Your Book

Don’t think you just have to print the books and buyers will automatically come. Marketing your book can be just as important as writing it. People can’t buy your book if they don’t know about it.

You’ll want to use a variety of marketing tactics, including setting up a website for your book, using social media, conducting author readings, create an email list that you can send information to, solicit reviews of your book, engage with other authors, etc. There are almost an endless number of things you can do to promote your book.

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