Uploading Files Online

We have several ways for uploading files to us.

Uploading-FilesOur ordering system — As part of the ordering process, you will have the opportunity for uploading files through our ordering system.

If you are not ready for uploading file when you order, you can always upload at a later time.  To do that, click the File Upload link in the upper right hand corner of every page. Once you log in, you will be able to upload your files.

E-mail — As long as your files are 10 MB or smaller, you can e-mail them to your customer service rep.  If you are not sure who your customer service rep is, just send your files to [email protected] and they will be forwarded to your customer service rep.

FTP site — For extremely large files, we have an ftp site for uploading files.  The site is located at:


User name: Xpress

Password: 5829000

Once you log in, you will be able to upload files into the general folder.  If you upload through the internet, you will be able to upload one file at a time.  If you use ftp software to upload, you will be able to upload multiple files at one time.

Once your files have completely uploaded, send an e-mail to your customer service rep or [email protected] to let us know that the files are uploaded.  We do not check the ftp site until someone informs us that they have uploaded files.

Want to learn more about uploading files?

Publishing Xpress can answer any questions you may have about the self-publishing process.