For printing purposes, you should create a PDF file for submission.  It is almost always best if you send us a high-resolution PDF file with fonts embedded.  The advantage of this file type is that fonts and graphics are embedded in the file, so that the file is almost like a photograph.  You don’t have to worry that we won’t have the right font or that fonts and graphics will shift, which often happens when a native file is opened on different computers.

When preparing your PDF file, it is important to ensure that you create a high-resolution file (300 dpi) with fonts embedded.  Also, make sure that your PDF file contains bleeds and crop marks and is set to CMYK.

If you use a Macintosh computer, almost all programs have PDF creation abilities built into them.

If you use a PC and don’t have PDF conversion program, you can also go to: and use their free PDF converter.

Once you have create a PDF file, please make sure to go through the file page by page to ensure that everything has converted as you expected.  Sometimes your pages will repaginate or graphics will not display as you expect them to.  To prevent errors in the printing process, it is crucial that you review your file carefully before sending it to us.

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Want to learn more about how to create a PDF file?

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