At Publishing Xpress, our 100% satisfaction guarantee is just one example of how we differ from other printing companies. Explore our website, and we’re sure you’ll find some amazing differences from other online printing companies:

Minimal order quantities — For multi-page document, you can order as few as 25 copies and then can order in increments of 1. No longer do you have to order 500 copies when you only need 75. Nor do you have to order an additional 250 copies when you only need 20 more.

Amazing prices — Check out our prices on our price calculators, and we’re sure you’ll be amazed by our super low prices. Many publishing companies force you to order significantly more copies than you need, because their prices are only slightly higher for those larger quantities. Not us.

You’ll find that our prices on all quantities are amazingly low. You won’t feel compelled to order more copies than you need and end up throwing those additional copies out.

Printing options — Most publishing companies will only print your documents on uncoated text stock, don’t allow bleeds on inside pages, and charge extraordinary amounts for color printing. Not Publishing Xpress.

Any or all of your pages can bleed at no additional charge. Select from a wide variety of paper stock for your inside pages — 60 lb. and 70 lb. uncoated, 70 lb., 80 lb., and 100 lb. gloss, and 70 lb., 80 lb., and 100 lb. matte. And our color printing prices are so reasonable that you’ll consider printing every page in color.

Extremely fast turnaround — Provided we receive your files before 12:00 noon EST, you’ll receive a proof via e-mail no later than the next day. If we have problems with your files, we’ll notify you immediately to work those problems out. Once we receive your proof approval, your job will be printed and shipped within 4 business days (excluding weekends and holidays), as long as we receive your approval by 3:00 PM EST.

No rush fees, no extra charges. Just amazingly fast turnaround. Need it printed faster? For a reasonable additional charge, you can request 3-day, 2-day, 1-day or same day production times. Before selecting same day production, please check with us to make sure we are able to process your order that quickly. We ship via UPS ground service from our facility in Madison Heights, Michigan.

Fantastic quality — We use state-of-the-art digital printing equipment that rivals offset printing quality. Because we can print directly to our equipment without using an expensive plate preparation process, we can offer amazing quality with low prices, minimal order quantities, and speedy turnaround.

Amazing customer service  — Our phones are always answered by real people, so you can get answers right away. Once you order, you will be assigned to your own customer service rep, who will help you through the entire publishing process. Need to meet a tight deadline? Just let your customer service rep know.

Have questions about how to set up your file? Just ask your customer service rep. Our customer service reps are knowledgeable and dedicated to helping you get your publishing project completed in an amazing fashion.

Free ground UPS shipping on orders over $399 — All orders over $399 shipped to locations within the contiguous United States receive free ground UPS shipping. Other printers charge anywhere from 5% to 15% of your order total just for shipping.

100% satisfaction guarantee — We know you have a lot of choices for your online publishing needs. All companies claim they offer low prices and great quality. How do you decide which publishing company to use?

We think we offer an unbeatable combination — minimal order quantities, low prices, speedy turnaround, great quality, and a variety of other services. But just to make the decision process as easy as possible, we also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Not happy with your print job? Use our satisfaction guarantee. For orders under $5,000, just return the order to us, and we will either reprint your order or issue a full refund, at our discretion as part of our satisfaction guarantee. For orders over $5,000, we will reprint your order to correct product defects, such as printing quality and finishing issues when you use our satisfaction guarantee.

We are not responsible for issues in your files, such as image resolution, typos, file errors, formatting issues, or incorrect order selections. Reprinted jobs will be printed with the original file submitted — there can be no changes to the file. Requests for a reprint or refund must be made within 30 days of delivery of your order.

We are often asked how we can make such a generous satisfaction guarantee. The answer is quite simple: Our quality and service are so exceptional that we rarely have to reprint or refund an order.

Want to learn more about how our 100% satisfaction guarantee?

Publishing Xpress can answer any questions you may have about our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Be sure to check our online pricing calculators!

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