Religious Book Printing: Spotlight on Pushke Studio

Religious Book Printing: Spotlight on Pushke Studio

Salmaan Ahmad

Salmaan Ahmad

August 2, 2014

This week we have our spotlight on a rare breed – a nonprofit marketing company called Pushke Studio that printed a religious book printing project with Publishing Xpress. What does pushke mean? It is a Yiddish word for can, colloquially used to describe the traditional Jewish collection box for charity.

Pushke studio is a small and efficient creative agency that specializes in nonprofit marketing. They encourage their clients to use their finite resources (time, money, and energy) to focus on the communities they serve.

Their mission is to provide modern, cost-effective, and efficient marketing using their creative expertise and the most affordable technology available to achieve your unique philanthropic passions.

Religious Book Printing for Pushke Studio

This specific religious book printing project is unique due to its binding. We wanted to point out that we understand there are some cultures and religions that have their own way of reading their scripture, and we at Publishing Xpress can accommodate those types of prints for you.

With this Torah religious book printing project, the binding was on the right side, instead of on the left. Sometimes this can get confusing, but we can work closely with you to ensure your product is printed correctly. More so, we felt that the specs chosen for this Torah book were perfectly suitable for its nature.

Choosing a plastic coil binding ensures that the book can be laid out flat and read from edge to edge without the struggle of tugging it and holding it down as you may need to if it were a perfect bound book.

Keep in mind that with religious books, it is typically better to opt for lighter paper. Any text stock 80# or less should work just right; the heavier the paper stock, the heavier the book to carry around.


  • 8 1/2 x 11 Color Pages
  • 88 pages including cover
  • 80 lb. Matte Text
  • 100 lb. Gloss Cover
  • Plastic coil binding
  • UV coating of fronts of covers

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Client Review of Religious Book Printing Project

How did you select Publishing Xpress?

We find your quality of printing to be great along with a very competitive price.

How was your experience with Publishing Xpress?

Very satisfying, customer service is really great to work with.

Was your project completed on time?

Yes, we have several projects that Publishing Xpress has completed for us and everything was finished on time if not before the deadline.

Were you happy with the quality of your project?

Yes. The quality of printing is very satisfactory.

Would you use Publishing Xpress again?

Yes, Yes, YES!

More Information

Ready to publish your religious book. Take a look at our capabilities as well as our many 5-star Google reviews!

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