Custom Book Printing Online: The Basics

Custom-Book-Printing-OnlineAs a writer, the thought has definitely crossed your mind to one day see your work in print. In today’s day and age, the prospect of being published is much more achievable than ever before. In the past, writers would have to go through publishers and compete amongst a large pool of prospective writers with written work. Today, self-publishing a book allows writers to skip the middleman and print their works all on their own. The process for custom book printing online is very similar to that of going through the publisher.

The first step, naturally, is the writing of the prospective piece. Once you have written all the material necessary for publication, editing is a must before book printing. Every word, sentence, and chapter needs to be scrutinized until it is absolutely pristine and ready for print. Whether you have a friend who is an excellent editor or decide to hire someone, this is a crucial step and will affect your success as a published writer. Next is deciding the particular format you’re interested in. An e-book is the most cost-effective way of publishing today. For a physically printed piece, some options are more cost-effective than others. Elements to consider are whether your book will have a hard or soft cover, its binding type, and the quantity you plan to publish. Each style of custom book printing online has its advantages and disadvantages, so be sure to do your research before committing to figure out what best fits your needs.

Online publishing services like Publishing Xpress are great in that they can provide samples, help you with printing guidelines, and will provide quotes beforehand. This makes custom book printing online much easier. After figuring out how you would like your piece published, you will then upload your files. They then receive your file and review it thoroughly, letting you know if any adjustments need to be made. After doing so, a PDF proof version is emailed to you for review. Pending your approval, the book will then move to the publishing process. Your book is then printed and shipped to you.

Custom book printing online these days is easier than ever and most of the websites are more than happy to help guide you through the process. The important thing to remember when you do become a self-published writer is that you are your best promoter. Once you’ve physically or electronically published your written work, it is then your job to take it one step further and market it. If done successfully, your hard work in the custom book printing online process will pay off in book sales before you know it.

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