3 Solutions to Writer’s Block That Really Work

Many people have dreams of one day writing that novel or keeping up a regular and successful blog; however, once you finally sit down and decide to put your ideas on paper (so to speak), you realize that it wasn’t as easy as you thought. Mastering writing, like any other skill, requires discipline and following these 3 solutions to writer’s block will help.

1. Set a regular schedule.

Professional writers quickly learn that in order to make any headway on book printing, they need to set a writing schedule. It may be hard at first, but even if you just sit there thinking for the first couple of hours on your first few days, it is imperative to start the routine.

Soon enough, you’ll notice that more often than not, you’ll be able to jump right in, and you’ll have fewer episodes of writer’s block. You’ll also get much more work done, bringing you closer to your self-publishing goals.

A breakthrough study indicates that, contradictory to what most artists tend to think, creativity is at its peak in the morning hours. The proposed reason for this is that creativity doesn’t occur when we’re functioning optimally, and those of us who feel optimal in the evenings should be more creative in the early morning hours.

Some of the greatest thinkers of all time – Ernest Hemingway, Benjamin Franklin, and Beethoven – adhered to morning routines. Keep this in mind when setting your schedule.

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2. Try background noise.

Studies have been conducted on background or ambient noise and its relation to creativity and productivity. A study completed at the University of British Columbia confirmed that 70 decibels of noise was the sweet spot for creativity.

This is the level of noise you might find in a somewhat busy coffee shop or a public park. Any noise level below 50 was found to be non-stimulating to creativity, and any noise level above 85 is too distracting. For writer’s block inspiration, try getting out every now and then, or play music or the radio in the background at a volume similar to that in a coffee shop.

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3. Change your perspective.

Surely you’ve heard or tried this one before: write in different places. This can definitely help you out of a writer’s block rut every now and then, but there are other ways to get a fresh perspective.

Go back and read work you’ve written at a completely different time of day. As you notice things in your writing you didn’t notice before, new writer’s block inspiration will arise. Another great way to get new ideas from old writing is to change it aesthetically. Thanks to technology, this can be done in seconds. If you usually read your work on the computer, print it out on paper or read it from a tablet.

Play with the font. Change the style and color. These simple things will all contribute to new ideas and even help with your editing and proofreading.

Hopefully, these 3 solutions to writer’s block will help get your creative juices flowing. For information on how Publishing Xpress can help with your book publishing needs, visit our book self publishing page.

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