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If you have decided to print your book, you may be asking several book printing FAQs. At present, there are many different ways of going about self-publishing a book. If you’ve elected to go the printed route, it is important to do the appropriate research and to compare prices. This will ensure you the best quality piece for the right price. While there are loads of book printing FAQs, we will review the most common book printing FAQs here.

How should I publish a book?

A lot of this depends on your cost limitations as well as your preference. If you are looking to print a large quantity and to do so in the most cost-effective way, a soft cover option with a binding type like saddle stitch or plastic/wire coiling would be best. If you are simply publishing your piece for personal reasons and in a small quantity, you may want something more traditional book style, a soft cover with a perfect bound type binding might suite your needs the best.

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What are some great resources for self-publishing a book and book printing?

In an article written by David Conroy of CNET, he highlights some of the most important aspects of self-publishing, including how to buy your own ISBN, the importance of cover design and title, as well as links to various publishing companies.

Though he encourages readers to go the route of the e-book, much of his advice is applicable to writers who are preparing to print as well. Publishing Xpress’ book printing services are a great platform for writers looking to print. They are extremely helpful in answering any book printing FAQs you may have about format and are good about providing price quotes.

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Book’s printed, now how do I sell it?

Like any other new product or service, promotion is key. Thankfully, much like self-publishing a book, self-promotion these days is easier than ever. Social media is a great way to generate buzz about your book. If you are able to hone in on a demographic of people that would be interested in your work, post about it in forums, run promotions on Twitter, have an Instagram contest.

Tag, hashtag, “like” anything and everything as it pertains to your book’s brand wherever possible. The most important part of being present on social media is generating organic conversation. Think about where your printed publication is relevant and talk it up there. Seeking out small, local shops to carry your book is also an option. There is a definite trend to buy from community-based retailers and generally they are more open to carrying local goods.

In closing, the take away from these book printing FAQs is that when you’re ready to take a book to print, remember to do your research, plan accordingly, and promote, promote, promote. If you do all of these things, it will not necessarily ensure immediate success, but you are much more likely to find it and feel better about the way you went about book self publishing. We hope these book printing FAQs will help you with the process.

Be sure to check out our online printing calculators if you need a printing project printed. We offer numerous options for your books, including many different paper stocks, four different binding styles, four types of lamination, and rush processing if needed. You can put all of our options into the pricing calculators and get an instant price for your project. Change any variable — quantity, paper, binding, lamination and the price will update instantly. It’s a great way to review how different options will impact the final price of your book.

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