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Passive Income through Custom Journal Printing

How do you create passive income with journal printing? Creatives, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and even authors may seek their next big project, but writing a book or developing creative content can take time and energy. So many have begun crafting … Continue reading »

Printed Church Directories: What Makes a Successful One?

Many faith communities understand the importance of their members staying connected with one another outside of services or church activities. And printed church directories are the perfect way to do that because it not only provides an easy-to-use listing of … Continue reading »

Online Course Workbooks: How to Create a Successful One

An online course can be an excellent way to make money, build your brand, and market your expertise. Online courses exist for every subject you can imagine. With all the available courses out there, how do you help yours stand … Continue reading »

Church Bible Study Printing: Create a Successful Guide

A church Bible study printing project is one of the most important guides your church can produce. You preach the word every Sunday, and you hold meetings to reinforce those messages, but your parishioners still need a printed guide to … Continue reading »

Book or Booklet: What’s Best for Your Printing Project?

Most people may not be able to give a textbook definition of either a book or a booklet, but typically we know one when we see one and may even instinctually know when a book or a booklet feels like … Continue reading »

Online Comic Book Marketing: How to Successfully Market

Once you’ve written and self-published a comic book, the next step is online comic book sales. You can use a variety of methods to increase your online comic book sales. Here are some tips to get more online attention and … Continue reading »

Church Booklets: How to Design an Effective Booklet

Religious communities have long used printed materials in their corporate and individual activities and church booklets can be an effective part of a church’s resources. Small enough to fit in a coat pocket or notebook-sized, church booklet printing is a … Continue reading »

Cookbook Sales Are Piping Hot

Publishers and bookstores have noticed a positive trend in the past few years: Their cookbook sales are jumping, with cookbooks flying off the shelves. Always a popular category, cookbook sales have soared in the past three years. In 2021, cookbook … Continue reading »

Book Trailer: Do You Need One for a Successful Book?

Sitting in the movies and watching trailers of upcoming features is an exciting part of going to the theater for many people. Experiencing the thrill of meeting a new character or world in a movie trailer generates interest in a … Continue reading »

How to Find Outstanding Beta Readers for Your Book

When you write a book, an important part of the process is finding beta readers. These reviewers read your book in its final stages and give you an honest assessment of it. Beta readers can help you step out of … Continue reading »

Children’s Book Illustrator: Where to Find an Outstanding One

Looking for a children’s book illustrator? Illustrations are essential to a successful children’s book. If you have the talent, you can create the artwork yourself. In most cases, however, you need to find a children’s book illustrator who can bring … Continue reading »

10 Ways to Save Book Printing Costs

Authors don’t have to wait for a publishing company to decide to bring their book to print anymore. They can do it themselves and self-publish with a printing company instead. But one of the aspects of self-publishing that differs from … Continue reading »