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Online Comic Book Marketing: How to Successfully Market

Salmaan Ahmad

Salmaan Ahmad

May 15, 2023

Once you’ve written and self-published a comic book, the next step is online comic book sales. You can use a variety of methods to increase your online comic book sales. Here are some tips to get more online attention and higher sales.

Build an Author Website for Online Comic Book Sales

One way to market your comic book online is through your author website. As a comic book creator, you can reach people who are interested in writing and those who appreciate good art. To build a website that engages readers, be sure to incorporate these ideas.

Use a free or low-cost website service

There are several online companies that make it easy to set up your own website. Designed for non-technical people, beginners, and those who need a website quickly, they feature ready-made templates and easy instructions on drop-down menus.

These companies offer service levels that range from free to premium. When you’re just starting out, a lower level of service is all you need. Save the higher-priced options for the time when your website takes off and attracts high numbers of visitors. If you get overwhelmed by traffic, you can always upgrade.

Some of these sites also provide free or low-cost hosting services. In short, it won’t cost much money to build and maintain your website, but the payoff can be high.

Some of the best-known website builders for beginners are:

Choose one of these to create a website and blog that help you boost your online comic book sales.

Include an author bio

Your author bio is an important part of your website. It’s also a key element of your online comic book marketing efforts. Write an artist or author bio that gives readers some insight into the person behind the comic.

How long should your bio be? Most experts recommend a brief, two-paragraph bio. This is long enough to add some intriguing details without making the reader feel like they’re plunging into your autobiography. Offer some information about where you’re from, what inspires you, where you live, and how much you appreciate your readers.

Write a blog

A website is an excellent start when you begin your online comic book marketing. However, a website by its nature is static. With a blog, you can regularly update your site in ways that help you connect with readers and create engagement.

Keep your blog posts short. You don’t have to write a full-length article every time you post. Most blog posts are 300 to 400 words long.

What should you blog about?

Publication process: If you start your blog before you publish your comic book, use the blog to track every step of the journey. This will inspire and excite your readers, and it will build their anticipation for the book. If you’ve already published your book, use your blog to write informative, how-to pieces on comic book publishing that your readers will find useful.

  • Comic book news: Which new comic books are coming out this year? As a comic book author, you no doubt have an interest in the new books coming out from major publishers and small, independent publishing houses. You may also know about other self-published comic books. Post this news in an ongoing, regularly updated “news” section of your blog.
  • Comic book reviews: Give your readers your informed opinion on new comic books and comic book series that you recommend. Ask readers to post their own opinions about the works you’re reviewing. This is an excellent way to build engagement.
  • Writing: Give your readers the latest musings, updates, and insights into your writing career. Use this space to offer tips that you want to share. Invite readers to comment about their own writing challenges.
  • Resources for writers: Many of your readers want to be self-published comic book writers, too. Use your blog to post information that can help them achieve that goal.

Get online comic book sales with a store

Your website’s main goal is to increase your online comic book sales. Make it easy for readers to buy your books by telling them where to buy them and supplying a link to the site.

You can also sell your comic book directly to readers. Offering your book for sale directly through your website means you’ll be turning your website into an e-commerce site. To do that, you’ll need to set up a payment system, manage delivery options, and handle other elements of an online store.

It requires more of an investment of your time and effort than a simple website. However, you may find that your high traffic and sales make it worth your time.

Improve Your Amazon Author Page to Get More Online Comic Book Sales

One excellent way to market yourself is to set up your Amazon author page. It’s free, and it’s available for all writers, even if you didn’t publish your book on Amazon.

You can use your page to promote your comic book and yourself as an author. Readers who aren’t familiar with you may click on your author page to learn more. If they see a blank page, they are likely to lose interest in you—and your book. Keep them engaged by offering an interesting author page.

Here are some tips to create an author page that leads to more online comic book sales.

  • Add a photo: An attractive photograph goes a long way toward making readers feel they want to know you. Choose a classic headshot, or pose in a setting that’s meaningful to you.
  • Post links: Use your page to post links to your author website or places where readers can buy your book. Add links to your social media accounts.
  • Post reader reviews: Post reader reviews and reviews from book reviewers to your author page. Complimentary reviews are essential to getting more online comic book sales.
  • Talk about your work: Your author page can serve as a showcase of your work. Include pictures of your book covers and a brief synopsis of each one. When you write and publish more comic books, add them to your page. This is also a good place to acknowledge your collaborators and direct readers to their websites or pages.
  • Keep readers updated: Use your author page to show information about book signings, publication dates, upcoming book tours, and other news about you and your books.

How to create an author page

To get to your author page, log in through your Author Central account. If you don’t have one, it takes just a few minutes to create a new account. When you log in, click on the “Author Page” link. After setting up your account, you must wait for an email verification from Amazon. This can take several days.

Once you have been verified, you can edit your author page any time by logging in and going directly to your page. You’ll find easy instructions for editing your author bio, adding photos, and posting links.

Include Your Collaborator

If you wrote the comic but someone else illustrated it, or vice versa, be sure to include your collaborator in all your online comic book marketing efforts. Be sure to mention their name on your website, blog, and all social media posts.

Your collaborators may have their own ideas about online comic book marketing. They may also have their own social media circles, audience outreach efforts, and favorite websites. Working together, you’ll reach a larger audience and watch your online comic book sales go up.

Use Online Comic Book Marketing to Make More Sales

You can increase sales of your comic book by using online marketing tactics. Build an author website, improve your Amazon Author Page, and work with your collaborators to increase your social media presence. These steps take time and effort, but they are worth it for the payoff.

A good marketing plan starts with a good, professionally printed book. If you’re ready to print your comic book, talk to Publishing Xpress.

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