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Nonprofit Booklet Printing: 7 Steps to Create an Effective Booklet

Salmaan Ahmad

Salmaan Ahmad

November 16, 2023

Is nonprofit booklet printing right for your organization? Running a nonprofit organization is a rewarding but sometimes difficult job. Communicating with supporters and getting the word out to the community about how they can support nonprofits in their meaningful work can be a challenge for many organizations.

Budgets can be tight for nonprofits, too, so figuring out how to promote the organization without wasting funds is always a concern. If your nonprofit organization is struggling to make the most of your budget while still creating effective and attractive tools that your supporters and community love, try one of our smart ways to utilize nonprofit booklet printing to improve your group’s communication.

The Adaptability of Nonprofit Booklet Printing

Though they can be small, nonprofit booklet printing packs a big punch because they are such a versatile tool to use with an organization that needs to make every dollar and communication with the community count.

  • Inexpensive: Compared to other marketing tools, nonprofit booklet printing can be a cost-effective way to spend funding. Created with saddle stitch binding, booklets can be developed for content between four and 80 pages in length, allowing nonprofits to control the cost easily.
  • Flexible: Nonprofit booklet printing can be made in multiple stock and custom sizes so organizations can choose the right one for their needs.
  • Multipurpose: With the ability to create a self-cover and the opportunity to create a two-page spread to highlight photos, graphics, or important content over multiple pages, nonprofit booklet printing is adaptable to a variety of nonprofit needs.
  • Handy: Due to their size, shape, and weight, nonprofit booklet printing is easy to distribute, lightweight to mail, and they can be printed to fit inside gift bags or other containers.

Nonprofits Can Use Booklets for Cause Advocacy

One of the primary purposes of nonprofit booklet printing can be to advocate for their cause. With the flexibility to create both a basic booklet that introduces the organization to potential supporters as well as an in-depth booklet with statistics, photographs, leadership and supporter details, booklets can be utilized to bring awareness to their organization’s purpose.

Nonprofit Booklet Printing Is Ideal for a Campaign Push

When it’s time to inform the community and your supporters that a fresh campaign is underway, nonprofit booklet printing is an excellent way to do that. The adaptable format of a booklet means you can create beautiful two-page spreads that will help you bring your campaign to life in an inexpensive but very attractive marketing tool. The construction of a booklet gives a professional appearance, increasing the odds that the community and potential donors or supporters will take note of the new campaign.

Nonprofit Booklet Printing Assists with Donor Engagement

Increasing donor and potential donor engagement is a high priority for many not-for-profit organizations. Providing key organizational information in a well-designed marketing tool can help community members see the value of donations and the direct impact they have on the nonprofit community.

A booklet gives nonprofits a location to showcase the outcomes of contributions and donations within the community, offering both a way to show off their hard work and give a direct thank you to those who made the outcomes possible. Acting as both a measure of gratitude and marketing, booklets can be a wise investment for nonprofit organizations.

Aid Fundraising Efforts with Nonprofit Booklet Printing

Ongoing fundraising efforts are the lifeblood of nonprofit organizations. So creating marketing materials that provide potential contributors with a meaningful narrative about current initiatives can increase the volume and quality of donations by providing a clear context of how those funds will benefit the community.

  • Detailed content describing initiatives
  • Graphics indicating projected impacts to the community
  • Photographs of the current state of areas of concern or potentially involved groups or locations
  • Donation and contribution needs
  • Campaign launch information
  • Thank you to past contributors or donors
  • Methods of contribution available

Nonprofit Booklet Printing Makes Excellent Event Programs

Many nonprofit organizations hold galas, dinners, fundraising events, charity walks, or other activities for the community, their donors, or potential contributors. These events are ideal for booklet printing for nonprofit organizations because booklets are quick and simple to design, are very flexible in size, shape and length and cost can be easily controlled with construction choices like the materials that are used.

Event attendees appreciate a concise one-stop location for information, and organizers can use the event program as a location to also promote the nonprofit’s key information, introduce leadership, thank contributors who made the event happen as well as provide a tangible takeaway that will extend the marketing efforts of the nonprofit.

Nonprofits Use Booklets to Present Annual Reporting

Transparency in financials and community impact is a critical step in keeping the community and all donors abreast of the health of a nonprofit organization. Booklet printing is an excellent method for providing this necessary information in a professional format. Year-over-year publications can be formatted similarly to help longstanding supporters quickly find the statistics and impact statements about the nonprofit that mean the most to them.

When annual reports are crafted into a booklet with a beautiful, branded cover and a brief overview of the organization and its current leadership team, they can act as a historical snapshot of the nonprofit. Creating an annual report booklet worthy of retaining as a valuable snapshot of the past year’s high or low points can be a meaningful way to create a concise record of the nonprofit’s history that may not be prioritized formally because nonprofits put their funds primarily toward activities that directly impact their cause.

Nonprofit Booklet Printing for Your Organization

Crafting a booklet that will benefit your nonprofit organization begins with gathering information and figuring out the distinct purpose for your group.

1 Consider the current needs of your organization and what upcoming events, activities, or resources it will need. Meet with the board of directors or other leadership teams to determine the most immediate needs of the group. Based on your findings, choose the purpose for printing the booklet.

2 According to the purpose for your booklet, gather the necessary information you will need to complete this project including:

  • Photographs of the project or event, historical photos, or community impact photographs
  • Data or statistics
  • Graphic design elements like brand graphics and brand color palates to use throughout the publication
  • Nonprofit organization official brand content including the group’s website, physical, or mailing address, key phone numbers and specific donation details or even a QR code to facilitate instant contributions to the group

3 Decide on the booklet size that best fits your purpose and budget.

4 Develop an eye catching cover that promotes your booklet’s purpose and reflects the brand of the nonprofit.

5 Utilize a template to assist in developing the inside content of the booklet. If a professional graphic designer is not on staff at the nonprofit, be sure to engage multiple volunteers in the development and editing process to ensure a quality end product.

6 Consult with the appropriate leadership member or team before finalizing the design so that any publication by a nonprofit meets any legal requirements and is approved for publication by the organization.

7 Partner with a trusted printer like Publishing Xpress to ensure that the final booklet is created with quality materials and will arrive quickly so your organization can enjoy the benefits of this simple yet effective marketing tool.

Getting Started on Your Nonprofit Booklet Printing

Developing a booklet that will enhance your nonprofit’s visibility in the community and demonstrate its impact on the community doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. But booklet printing for nonprofit organizations is an excellent choice because these handy publications pack a punch with the amount of content they can hold, how easy they are to create and distribute and their adaptability to work for everything from a formal fundraising dinner program to a promotional booklet detailing a nonprofit’s new initiative.

With a few easy steps, your organization can develop a single booklet to use or even a template that you can reuse to decrease the time spent on creating future booklets. Publishing Xpress is ready to help you print a beautiful booklet for your nonprofit so you can focus on creating an impact in your community with your group’s meaningful work.

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