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Church Bible Study Printing: Create a Successful Guide

Ann O'Brien

Ann O'Brien

June 5, 2023

A church Bible study printing project is one of the most important guides your church can produce. You preach the word every Sunday, and you hold meetings to reinforce those messages, but your parishioners still need a printed guide to follow. Like any complex book, the Bible benefits from notes and guides that help with understanding.

Why You Need a Church Bible Study Printing

The language of the Bible, while beautiful, can be dense and difficult to read. This is especially true for people who are new to the Bible or those who aren’t used to in-depth study. A church Bible study printing project can be useful to those who need a helping hand.

Church Bible study printing can enhance spirituality

Bible study helps Christians grow spiritually by understanding how God’s words relate to their daily lives. They can learn how to interpret what they read or hear during a sermon, and they can spend time on passages that speak most clearly to them. This enhances their spiritual development and keeps them engaged.

Most Christians enjoy Bible study. Learning is usually an enjoyable activity that allows people to grow intellectually and spiritually. Some chapters or individual passages are more challenging than others, and a church bible study printing guide can help people who are struggling to understand them.

Bible study can help them cope with the stress of daily life. They find it comforting to turn to scripture when they’re having difficulties or facing challenges. A church bible study printing guide can help them find the passages that reveal God’s plans.

How to Structure Your Church Bible Study Printing

There are three main ways that people study the Bible. One of them is to use what’s known as the observation method. In this type of guide, the reader reads various selected Bible passages and follows these three steps.

  • Observation: What does the passage say? Do you understand the words and what they mean?
  • Interpretation: What do these words mean? How do they relate to your understanding of Christ?
  • Application: How does this passage apply to your life? What will you do about what you have learned?

Another way to study the Bible is to use the inductive method. This involves reading one of the books of the Bible and determining what its key themes are. A church Bible study printing guide following this method would be organized by themes and topics rather than by chapters.

You can study the Bible by reading one chapter of it at a time. With this method, you start at the beginning and focus on one chapter a day to learn what you can from it. Once you’ve reached the end, you can go back and start from the beginning, or you can revisit passages that mean the most to you.

Create the Content for Your Church Bible Study Printing

Once you’ve decided how you want to structure your church bible guide, you can begin to write the content.

This is probably something you spend a lot of time thinking about. What would you like to say to your congregation about the Bible? What themes and ideas do you want to get across most forcefully?

If you already have a Bible study group at your church, consider the questions that seem to pop up most often. Which passages or ideas do people seem to get the most “stuck” on? What stories do they find the most interesting?

It’s important to organize your thoughts. One way to do this is with good old-fashioned index cards. As you consider what you want your guide to cover, write it on an index card. The small size of the card forces you to be concise. Once you have a set of cards with the main ideas you want to cover, plan how you want to organize the material.

Create an outline to guide your writing. If you want to write a chapter-by-chapter guide, write down a summary of what you want each chapter to cover. If you’re doing a more general guide, write down which themes you want to cover in each chapter. An outline will help you stay focused.

Begin writing your church Bible study printing

Now, you can start writing your church Bible study printing guide.

Start with an introduction. In the introduction, explain why you wrote this church Bible guide and what you hope the reader will get from it. Explain how the book is organized.

Use your outline, and follow these writing tips to enhance readability:

  • Use clear, simple language that everyday readers can relate to and understand.
  • Break up your writing into paragraphs. Don’t cover the page with lots of unbroken text.
  • Use chapter titles, headings, and subheadings.

Add Illustrations to Your Church Bible Study Printing

Pictures and illustrations enhance any book. High-quality images give your church Bible study printing guide a professional look and make it much more enjoyable to read. Pictures will keep your readers interested and help break up the text.

The good news is that you can find free and copyright-free images to use from several sources. It’s important to use copyright-free pictures to avoid any legal complications. Start with these sites that offer photographs, artwork, and graphics you can use for any purpose.

  • Unsplash: This site offers high-resolution photographs you can use in any project. You can search by topic or color.
  • Lifeofpix: This website offers free images and free videos for anyone to use.
  • Pixabay: You’ll find a wealth of photos, drawings, graphic elements, and illustrations you can use in your book.
  • Realgraphy: Find high-resolution photographs of animals, nature, and people on this site.

Select a Size

What size should your church Bible study printing guide be? The classic size for any book is 6×9 inches. You may consider a larger book of 7×10 or 8.5×11 inches.

Pick Your Binding

There are several binding options for your book. Perfect binding is the most popular binding style. It creates a smooth-looking, elegant book that is easy to read and carry. Perfect-bound books fit neatly on bookshelves.

Spiral binding is another good option. The benefit of using spiral binding for a study guide is that it lays open flat on a table. This makes it useful for students who want to take notes while they’re in class or reading.

Design a Cover

Your study guide should have an attractive cover that draws people’s attention. Use one of the sites we listed above to create your cover, or use a picture you already have. Would a photo of your church work, or should you choose something more symbolic? A good-looking cover makes your study guide look more professional, so spend some time on this part of the design and layout process.

Make Layout and Design Easy

If you’ve never produced a book before, you may wonder how to go from written word to a printer-ready layout. If you’re using a word processing program, you already have access to helpful tools like page and word counters, proofreading, grammar checks, and basic layout functions.

What if you need more advanced help with the layout? Fortunately, there are many free book templates available. You don’t have to be a design expert to produce a great-looking study guide. You can find inspiration and easy-to-use templates from:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Canva
  • Blurb

Be sure to include your illustrations in your design. To get the best results, use pictures and photos that are a minimum of 300 pixels per inch (PPI).

Choose Your Paper

What paper should you choose for your church Bible study printing? Your choice will depend on your budget. Your printing professional can help you choose the paper that will make your text and images stand out.

Get Your Church Bible Study Professionally Printed

Your Bible study guide will look its best if it’s professionally printed. Produce a book you’ll be proud to share with your classes and members of your congregation. Your church Bible study printing guide is a gift to your parishioners, so give it the care and attention that it deserves.

If you have questions about the printing process, talk to us. At Publishing Xpress, we offer personalized customer service and affordable rates.

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