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Book Business Plan: How to Create a Successful One

Thinking about a book business plan? Your perfect vision of being a writer might be sitting in a coffee shop with your laptop out, busily typing away at the next Great American Novel you’ve always wanted to write. Writing is … Continue reading »

Plagiarism Checker: How to Avoid Serious Issues

Why do you need a plagiarism checker? Using someone else’s words as your own is known as plagiarism. It’s dishonest, and it could have serious consequences, even if you did it unintentionally. Claiming someone else’s work as your own could … Continue reading »

4 Ways (and 4 Tips) To Make Money as a Writer

Writers hone their craft in a variety of ways. Some writers jump right in and publish a book as soon as they can. Others take on whatever writing gigs they can find to pay the bills or to just get … Continue reading »

7 Ways to Jumpstart Creativity and Overcome Writer’s Block

Some days, writing comes easily. You feel inspired as you sit and type or write what feels like an endless flow of words. On other days, you struggle to get out even one sentence. You wonder if you should just … Continue reading »

Book Formatting Tips

Writing a book is an accomplishment that many people dream about but coming up with the stories, plot lines, characters or information to include for a self-published book is only part of the work. Authors that are creating a manuscript … Continue reading »

Your Marketing Plan for Your Self-Published Book

Who knows your book better than you? That’s why you are the perfect person to market it. You should sit down and write a marketing plan to keep you focused. It will take a lot of concentrated work, probably as … Continue reading »

Children’s Storybook Printing: How to Go from Concept to Dazzling Printed Book

Children’s storybooks have always been a useful and creative tool for teaching children about the real values in life. Throughout the years, the choice of interesting storybooks available in bookstores has increased significantly. However, there will always be stories that … Continue reading »

Fundraising Ad Book: How to Make Money for Your Organization

We know what you are probably thinking – we must be crazy. Making money from a fundraising ad book? Is that even possible? Well, you are on your way to learning the truth – and the truth will most likely … Continue reading »

5 Tips on Comic Book Printing

Looking for tips on comic book printing? A self-made comic book using on-demand comic book printing is a dream of many writers and graphic designers today. Comic books are a medium that has charmed millions of readers all around the … Continue reading »

The Long and Short of Printing Booklets

It seems no one ever starts out wanting to write booklets; but once a writer understands the benefits of printing booklets, he or she is never the same. Published and yet-to-be-published authors are getting excited about booklets. Why? Printing Booklets … Continue reading »

Training Manuals Can Be Works of Art

Training manuals are everywhere in the business world, but many will end up unread on the shelf. Manual writers often miss opportunities to produce interesting, important and usable training materials because they simply don’t understand some basics about training manuals … Continue reading »

Is Direct Mail Still Relevant?

The movie theater parking lot was packed. It seemed everyone in town was somewhere in the 12-plex theater munching on popcorn and Junior Mints, watching the latest Hollywood treat. It was 2014. Was anyone at home watching a movie on … Continue reading »