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Pen Name: Announcing Your Book to the World

Becoming a published author is an exciting accomplishment and for many writers, seeing their name on the cover of a book is the icing on the cake. But what if you want to use a pen name instead of your … Continue reading »

Poetry Book Writing: Dos and Don’ts for a Great Book

If you love to pen poems and are ready to showcase them for the world to see, you may consider poetry book writing. But creating a book of poetry is not as simple as collecting your favorite poems and sending … Continue reading »

Church Directory: 6 Reasons to Print a Stellar Directory

How should you use a church directory printing project? Many things in our lives have moved to a digital format, but just because it can doesn’t mean it should. And this saying is even more true when it comes to … Continue reading »

Book Back Covers: How to Write an Irresistible One

You know how important your book’s front cover is, but have you forgotten book back covers? Like the front cover, the book back covers present an opportunity to sell your book to a potential reader. Most readers who are attracted … Continue reading »

30 Awesome Book Marketing Ideas

For most writers, coming up with book marketing ideas can be challenging. However, authors can use a surprisingly wide variety of book marketing strategies to market to potential readers. So to help you jumpstart your book sales, we have a … Continue reading »

Why Should You Use Plastic Coil Book Bindings

Writing a book is more than just delivering a great story or manuscript full of researched content to the reader. Authors who self-publish have a lot of freedom in deciding their books’ final look and feel. One of those choices … Continue reading »

Memoir Book: Spotlight on Life Memories of a Grateful Man

While we truly love printing books for our clients, we are always impressed when we print memoir books. It is an impressive project to go back and remember and write about events from decades ago. And all the wonderful memories … Continue reading »

Perfect Bound Poetry Book: Spotlight on Don’t Judge Me By My Cover

In describing her perfect bound poetry book, the author states, “Everyone goes through hard times, right? Writing these poems is what helped me get through mine. While this book may look happy and cheerful, the inside is filled with writings … Continue reading »

Saddle Stitch Catalog Printing: Spotlight on Everson Cordage Works

This saddle stitch catalog printing project did a great job of presenting the products offered by Everson Cordage Works. Established in 1979, this company manufactures three strand twisted nylon products. The company’s focus is on the commercial fishing market. The … Continue reading »

Perfect Bound Travel Book: Spotlight on Anna Maria Island

This perfect bound travel book is a tribute to the beautiful island paradise of Anna Maria Island. It is a unique Florida treasure, with lost of shoreline, many natural mangrove stands, protected shore birds, turtles, and beautiful beaches. The beautiful … Continue reading »

Conference Booklet Printing: Spotlight on Immigration Guide for Healthcare Employers

Ford Murray Law Firm was looking for a printer for a conference booklet printing project and found Publishing Xpress. Their Immigration Guide for Healthcare Employers was a well designed 22 page booklet that was a perfect handout for a conference. … Continue reading »

Funeral Planning Book: Spotlight on My Choice

This funeral planning book is a great way to organize all the information your family will need upon your death. Making funeral arrangements takes a lot of work, attention to detail, and making many decisions. These actions can be overwhelming … Continue reading »