Operations Handbook Printing: Spotlight on Graphica Productions

Operations Handbook Printing: Spotlight on Graphica Productions

Salmaan Ahmad

Salmaan Ahmad

November 14, 2014

Yes folks, operations handbook printing is still popular! Not everyone runs to Google to answer all questions, especially when dealing with numbers and assembly of a motor vehicle and such. So for those looking to print any operations handbook or technical how-to books, we at Publishing Xpress would be more than happy to assist you!

This week’s feature is on our client Graphica Productions. Graphica Productions is owned by Renee Butts of Houston, Texas. They have been in business for 18 years, presenting a myriad of graphic and marketing specialties. From production of small business flyers to large highway signage and everything in between.

Operations Handbook Printing for Graphica Productions

The special sizing and selection of paper is what caught our eye here at Publishing Xpress. When our client contacted us, she indicated that these handbooks may be rough-handled so she needed sturdy paper stock that can take that on. We decided to go with the heaviest paper stock we have — 120 lb. cover stock, which we used all throughout the book. We also went with one of the strongest binding options, wire-o binding, to hold this heavy paper without worries about breaking binding or other binding issues.

With such a small sized book — 4 x 5.5, the binding and paper really made up for its delicate size, ensuring its longevity.

We are always available to help our clients pick the correct specs for their operations handbook printing projects, to balance out binding and paper weight for that perfect look for your special printing project.

Specs for Operations Handbook Printing Project

  • 4 x 5.5 but operations handbook printing order was placed under the size of 5.5 x 8.5
  • 40 pages including cover
  • 120 lb. Gloss Cover for cover and inside pages
  • Wire-o binding
  • UV coating of covers

Client Review

How did you select Publishing Xpress?

I did a search online for a specific company that did self publishing—I thought that a company like that would be more open to a specialty item—and I was reluctant to choose a company that is not in my city, but I took a chance and it turned out to be a good decision.

How was your experience with Publishing Xpress?

My experience from the first time I went to the website was great! They have a little Avatar (but manned by a real person) that pops up instantly to assist you in your job — so very helpful — instant information as I needed it — I didn’t have to search to find an email or phone number — they were right there like a chat line to help in real time.

Was your project completed on time?

Not only was it on time, but actually was delivered early — and I only had a two day turnaround time — anything I asked for was totally accommodated. I could not believe they could do all that in such a short period of time — but they did.

Were you happy with the quality of your project?

Very happy with it — it came out exactly as I had hoped. They even mailed me paper samples a long time before I was ready to do the job — it helped a lot in my planning.

And they shipped full complete proofs of the product in 1 day — just amazing.

Would you use Publishing Xpress again?

Absolutely — I have another job I am getting ready for right now — I could not ask for better service and quality.

What other services would you like Publishing Xpress to offer?

Actually they were so right on point for these jobs I had — it was all there — I can’t think of a thing!

More Information about Handbook Printing

Interested in getting a handbook printing project? Check out our online pricing calculators and numerous 5-star Google reviews.

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