Why Online Book Printing Is Now Easier than Ever

Why Online Book Printing Is Now Easier Than Ever

Salmaan Ahmad

Salmaan Ahmad

June 16, 2015

Today, online book printing is much easier than it used to be just a couple of years ago. It used to be that the process took a lot of money, a lot of time, and was out of reach to most new authors. Now, online book printing is within reach for everyone. This is thanks to the wide variety of new options that make the process of printing faster, easier, and more reliable. With the help of the various hi-tech solutions and the introduction of digital printing, it’s now very simple to print your latest book.

Book printing through the years

The most important figure in the world of book printing is Johann Gutenberg (1400 – 1468), from Mainz, Germany. This talented inventor and craftsman is known for the Gutenberg press — the very first printing press machine. This printing machine was the first that used movable type and made printing inexpensive and affordable for many people. This type of printing machine remained a standard until the 1990s.

When Gutenberg and his assistants first started, their goal was to print six book pages per day. He printed the Bible in 1453, making 180 copies of it (each copy consisted of 1282 pages). His technique for making movable type still remains a secret; some people believe that he made castings from plaster or sand. It’s оbvious that this process took quite long, and many workers were required to deliver a few copies of a book.

Many years later, when technology started growing more rapidly, things began to improve. With the launch of office laser printers in 1985, the quality of book text and graphics started to increase. Some of the more popular laser printers of that generation include the Apple LaserWriter and the HP LaserJet.

After the Canon CLC 500 high quality color laser printer (with a computer interface) was introduced in the 1990s, small businesses with digital printers started to compete with photo labs and traditional printers. Then in 1991, Xerox DocuTech showed up and redefined corporate printing. This was the first time manuals could be stored digitally and printed in large quantities on demand.

As the years passed, other companies introduced color laser printers at lower prices, and these were highly competitive with Canon and Xerox. These changes and constant improvements had a huge impact on the speed and quality of book printing. They decreased the waste during the printing process and the number of people who had to be involved in it.

Additionally, the switch from black and white printing to multiple color printing was a huge step forward in printing technology. Eventually, increased image quality and higher resolution finally became available to the masses as well, and this added to the overall quality of  printed materials.

One of the key elements that made book printing easier was moving the bulk of the process being done on hardware to software. This was a significant improvement that refers to graphics and desktop publishing software, as well as network printing software.

Online book printing today

It is now clear that nowadays, the principle of quality applies to modern digital printing as well. Modern digital printing is closely related to self-publishing. With all the improvements and affordable prices, online book printing is now easier than ever and highly supportive of self-publishing authors.

Today, you are only a call away from a friendly and personal online book printing self-publishing service that is cost-effective and helps authors get their latest masterpieces printed in no time — easily and in a cost-effective way. Printing documents anywhere from eight pages to over 300 pages is always easy and affordable. This is only one of the many things Publishing Xpress can do for you.

Online book printing and publishing are now easy and can meet the needs of every author out there. What makes it great is that you can order the number of copies you want at a low cost and still get a high-quality service. Or even more conveniently, you can do it online, with the help of an online printing company.

Online book printing is very convenient, because you don’t need to go to a printing office to get your book printed. Instead, you can visit an online printing company’s website, submit your designs, and pay online.

Today, the production turnaround time is much shorter than it used to be. At Publishing Xpress, the production turnaround time for online book printing is five business days (after your proof is approved). However, the printing process can be done even faster, if that’s what you need for your project. Our team offers you three-day processing for a 10% extra charge, two-day processing for a 15% extra charge, and one-day processing for a 25% extra charge.

Moreover, when your book gets printed, you don’t have to visit our office to pick up your order. We will suggest the best and the most economical way to ship the book to you.

Most online printing companies do not offer all of the options that Publishing Xpress does. When it comes to binding, we offer you perfect binding, plastic coil, wire-o binding, and saddle stitched binding (up to 80 pages). We also let you easily and conveniently check the price of your order by tweaking certain parameters using our online calculator.

These parameters include the number of pages and copies you want, the final size and binding style, and so much more. If you want to tweak a parameter that the calculator doesn’t allow for, you can send us an email request or chat with our support team online.

When should you consider online book printing

Digital online book printing offers many benefits for people who need to have their books, booklets, or magazines printed professionally. Furthermore, digital printing is the ideal choice when you need your copies within a short time period, as well as in situations when you need advanced reader copies.

If you need real-time content, you can’t go wrong with online book printing, as it allows you to update your information every time you print copies. This is a great feature that people could only dream of not that long ago.

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