Digital Yearbook Printing Is Easy and Affordable

Digital Yearbook Printing Is Easy and Affordable

Salmaan Ahmad

Salmaan Ahmad

July 30, 2015

Digital yearbook printing is surprisingly easy and inexpensive nowadays. Most people are still surprised to learn how simple the process is. Anyone can order as many copies as they need and expect to get a great value for the money. In this article, we will see how and why the digital yearbook printing process has become this easy and affordable over the years.

How has digital yearbook printing changed over the years?

The printing process is now much different from what it used to be a few centuries ago. Back in the 15th century, printing was slow and complex. People had to assemble type together using their own hands to place each letter, and they couldn’t arrange more than 2000 letters or characters in any one hour. It was extremely challenging to print a one-hundred-page book within a short time period.

Today, computers do most of the work that people used to do, so the printing process is much easier and faster. Computers automatically arrange the same number of letters and characters in a matter of seconds.

Computers were integrated into the printing process in the 1970s, making the process itself a lot faster. Thanks to technology, humanity can now print more words per second than it could print per year about five centuries ago.

Speaking of yearbooks in particular, according to some research data, they date back to the 17th century, in the form of scrapbooks. The first published yearbook belongs to a graduating class at Yale College (1806), while the first high-school yearbook was published in New York (1845). However, it took a while for the yearbook companies to start taking printing orders – they didn’t start doing so until the 1930s.

How digital printing helps yearbook printing

Back in the day, yearbook printing required a lot of time and energy from all of the people involved in the process. Nowadays, we can deliver the printing orders in just a few days, in accordance with the customer’s preferences.

Digital printing makes yearbook printing easy and cost effective

Digital printing is a relatively new process and it offers numerous benefits. Compared to offset printing, digital printing makes printing yearbooks very affordable. Until recently, only large and well funded universities and companies could afford yearbook printing due to the high offset printing fees. But, digital printing gives all small schools and businesses the opportunity to place digital yearbook printing orders that are cost effective.

Offset printing requires setting up special plates, presses, and setup fees, all of which are quite costly for small print orders. As the quantity of printed materials increases, offset printing becomes more affordable. But for a small class yearbook order, digital printing is the most cost-effective choice.

Unlike offset printing, digital printing doesn’t require setup fees; it prints directly from the digital file sent to a digital printer. This allows you to print the desired quantity of materials without paying large fees.

Digital printing provides high quality

With the rapid development of digital printing technology, expecting a quality service has become the norm. Today, digital printing provides the same level of quality as offset printing. In fact, it’s almost impossible to tell them apart for anyone except a well trained printing professional.

Digital printing provides fast turnaround times

Digital yearbook printing is now easier and faster than ever. At Publishing Xpress, we offer fast turnaround times for every digital yearbook printing order. It takes us only five working days to complete your printing order, as soon as the proof is approved. However, due to the sophisticated digital technology we use, we can even offer you some faster options.

We can complete an order within one, two or three days, depending on a client’s preferences, for an extra fee. We can do three-day processing for 10% extra, two-day processing for 15% extra, and one-day processing for a 25% extra fee.

How we make digital yearbook printing simple and effective

If you want your yearbook printing order done right, at an affordable cost, Publishing Xpress is here to make it possible. We offer you cost-effective options and excellent customer support. Your yearbook can be printed in just a couple of days (or faster), regardless of the number of pages. Our professionals specialize in self-publishing and printing documents from eight to over three hundred pages.

In order to satisfy our clients’ needs, we always try to present an offer that they can’t refuse, including low prices, various printing options and outstanding quality, while ensuring a fast turnaround time. All these elements make the digital yearbook printing process easy and affordable, and gives you an opportunity to cherish all those priceless class memories for years to come.

At Publishing Xpress, one of our priorities is to help you make a decision without regretting it later on. For this reason, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. What’s even more important, we stick to it! If you are not satisfied with your digital yearbook printing order, you can ask for a full refund.

Moreover, you don’t have to be an expert to place a digital yearbook printing order. You can complete your order online and calculate the price in just a few simple steps. All you need to do is enter the number of copies and pages you desire, as well as choose the paper, binding style, and final size, and you will get your price.

Using our pricing calculator, you can choose the binding, paper, and number of pages, and check the pricing without leaving the comfort of your own home or office. If you have other preferences and can’t get what you need with our pricing calculator, feel free to contact us via email. Also, you can chat with our employees online or call our office and we will give you all the information you need. Our team members are ready to respond to your request instantly.

Remember that when it comes to digital yearbook printing, there is no reason to hesitate since there are so many options available. Digital printing makes the yearbook printing process easy and affordable, offering high quality and the desired quantity at competitive prices.

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