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The Most Effective Print Marketing Materials to Promote Business

Ann O'Brien

Ann O'Brien

January 16, 2023

Connecting with the right customer and creating positive brand awareness are key elements of most marketing campaigns. But developing an effective, affordable, and enduring marketing campaign can be challenging for businesses that may not have the personnel or finances to support ongoing efforts to promote business. This is why many businesses choose to utilize a combination of both digital and print marketing materials to promote their products or services.

With the world moving more and more toward digitizing just about every aspect of business, many companies may question whether using print marketing materials is worth the time, effort, and expense. But delivering content in various ways, both digital and in print, can help keep your name in front of customers and provide longer-term marketing results than just using digital marketing alone.

Are Print Marketing Materials Worth It?

Offline marketing may appear unnecessary in today’s increasingly digital world. But business promotion using tangible print marketing materials that customers can keep, use or refer to has real benefits that digital marketing tools do not. Print marketing materials, in all of their forms, can help make inroads with branding, up customer engagement, deliver a high return on investment, increase brand loyalty, help with conversion rates, and build corporate trust.


Marketing campaigns strive for creating brand-loyal customers. And when branded print marketing materials are used to promote business, loyal customers show the community their support by keeping and using these products.


Digital marketing through social media channels is a great way to increase customer engagement. But print marketing materials can physically stay in front of the customer for a long time, providing endless chances to boost brand awareness while also improving customer relationships. The longevity and impact of print marketing materials increase customer engagement in ways that digital marketing cannot.


Name recognition and exposure can increase the rate of converting cold connections into warm leads or even closing future sales, making a powerful return on investment through print marketing materials.

Brand Loyalty

Repeated exposure to the brand as well as the utilization of meaningful print marketing materials can develop brand loyalty.

Conversion Rates

Print marketing materials have a higher conversion rate than digital marketing campaigns. Power up your conversion rates with an investment in a print marketing materials that match your business’s needs and customer base.

 The 20 Print Marketing Materials Must-Haves

Let’s take a look at the print marketing materials that you should consider right now to amp up your promotional campaigns. These 20 must-have tools will complement your digital marketing strategy while also increasing engagement, brand loyalty, and conversion rates at the same time.

1. Branded Packaging

Don’t miss the opportunity to extend the reach of your branding by using custom boxes and packaging materials. This addition to your product fulfillment strategy is a simple way to extend your brand’s reach since many customers are exposed to the branding during its transportation to the customer and custom boxes are often saved and reused later allowing your brand to be seen again and again.

2. Brochures

An inexpensive but effective way to succinctly promote your business is through a well-designed business brochure. They can be part of a direct mailing campaign, used at conferences or other in-person meetings to take advantage of a brochure’s ability to combine graphics, text, photos, and pictures to deliver a meaningful amount of content in a small space.

3. Business Cards

An indispensable business tool, a business card can be more than just something to leave behind with customers or potential contacts. They can be used to promote the brand, act as an appointment reminder, point customers to online materials or social media as well as provide a quick connection to the business or company employees.

4. Calendars

Promotional calendars give businesses months or years of opportunity to stay in front of clients, potential customers, or the community. Extending brand awareness and community involvement throughout the life of a calendar makes these print marketing materials worth every penny of the investment. Tying in key corporate dates, community events, common holidays, or other helpful dates adds to the usefulness of print calendars and further ensures that recipients will appreciate them.

5. Case Studies

Talking about your business’s successes is critical to increasing sales and profitability. But having that information in an attractive saddle-stitched case study pamphlet is a great way to ensure you leave a lasting impression on potential customers. Print marketing materials that contain highlights of the previous years, key metrics from past customer experiences, or even market comparisons can provide customers with important data they can keep handy to help build new business relationships.

6. Catalogs

Many businesses have moved to digital catalogs, sometimes resulting in customers having to repeat online searches to find products they regularly use or need. So companies that utilize print catalogs can not only provide quick, simple access to products or services on offer, but they can also use the print catalogs as a way to communicate corporate philosophy, branding, and essential information on the pages as well. People love having hard copies of information at hand and a print catalog will stand out from the competition who may have moved away from producing publications.

7. Company Magazines

Corporate magazines provide another way to spotlight industry trends, standout contributors, company history, and other meaningful information. Printing a single or regularly published company magazine is a good way to increase the visibility of your business while adding to the professional appeal of the company at the same time. Often made evergreen with content that is timeless, magazines can be dispensed to clients, potential customers, and the community to engage, educate, and provide a connection to the business, its people, and its purpose.

8. Flyers

Getting your digital content to potential customers is harder every day with increasingly aggressive ad-blocking software and the volume of content that overwhelms email boxes daily. To make sure significant information is passed to the customer or community, print flyers to hand out or mail directly to them.

9. Gift and Loyalty Cards

An easy way to extend your branding opportunities is through custom gifts or customer loyalty cards. Not only do print gift and loyalty cards encourage repeat business but they also are a marketing tool that can have long-lasting visibility.

10. Handbooks or Guides

A printed handbook or business guide is a great way to educate your customers or provide needed information about products or services that can be stored in any location to be accessed by clients or potential customers. One of the printed products that are most likely to be kept, handbooks and guides are sure to provide continuing customer support as well as promotional opportunities for your company.

11. Infographics

Often relegated to digital marketing, informative infographics combine critical or key metrics with a visual representation to ensure customers understand important information. Printing these out instead of relying on digital transmission is a good way to keep the essential information on hand while also indicating its importance at the same time.

12. Leadership Books

Spotlighting corporate culture, focusing on the founders of a business, or just providing essential information about the industry, creating a leadership book builds credibility with a company or individual. Print books can be dispensed to the community, provided to potential customers, and gifted to businesses within the market to extend their usefulness.

13. Letterheads

Another business basic, paper letterhead printed with company details is a simple yet important part of corporate correspondence that exudes professionalism.

14. Newsletters

While digital newsletters may hit the inbox regularly, businesses that want to stand out produce a printed newsletter to send to their customers or community. These utilitarian vehicles for communication can be jazzed up with anything that is helpful for the reader like business contacts for potential customers to use and spotlights on new or changes in leadership positions.

15. Novelty Items

An easy way to increase brand recognition while building goodwill with the community or customers is through branded freebie items. A reusable item that contains your logo is a great way to keep your company’s name and products or services in front of many sets of eyes for a long time.

16. Postcards

Sending direct mail postcards to customers and the community is a simple and effective marketing strategy.

17. Posters

Visual standouts that can last for years, posters are an underutilized print option that many companies overlook.

18. Presentation Materials

Companies that use printed presentation handouts and presentation folders add instant credibility with clients and also have additional opportunities for branding.

19. Reports

Yearly or quarterly reports that are provided in print to clients or customers can be more convenient to use as well as allow businesses to include other critical information about the business that may be missed in a digital format.

20. Thank You Notes

Professionally printed thank you notes are convenient for companies to use to reach out to customers and the community. These simple tools are appreciated for their thoughtfulness and personal touch.

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