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Reunion Book Printing: Spotlight on Class of 1970 Turns 70

Even if you don’t know the people, almost every reunion book printing project is interesting to look at. And this project doesn’t disappoint in that department. One page is devoted to each person in the book, with current photos, a … Continue reading »

Instruction Book Printing: Spotlight on Beekeeping Basics

When you are trying to learn a new hobby or skill, one of the first places to check is an information instruction book printing project. Farmer Brown’s Beekeeping Basics does just that if you are looking to be beekeeper. A … Continue reading »

Poetry Book Publishing: Spotlight on My Crystal Bowl

One of the delightful things about poetry book publishing is that the focus is solely on the poem. With plenty of white space around the words, our eyes focus on the poem with no other distractions. At 130 pages, this … Continue reading »

Spiritual Book Printing: Spotlight on Clothed and in My Right Mind

We love printing different projects for the same author, and are lucky to have printed three for author Lois Greene. Her books are always well designed with a very classy appearance. In this spiritual book printing project, Clothed (and in … Continue reading »

Storybook Printing: Spotlight on Tales from the Hickory Nut Tree

This storybook printing project contains a delightful selection of stories by Bill Medley and Mary Bonn.  We’ll let the authors explain, in their whimsical prose, where the tile of the book came from: “In early years on the farm, we … Continue reading »

Joke Book Printing Project: Spotlight on Time to Laugh Again

We have had the pleasure of printing five different joke book printing projects for Dan Buck. In this day and age, laughter is truly the best medicine and we really enjoy reading through Dan’s jokes. We hope he has many … Continue reading »

Color Music Book Printing: Spotlight on COLOR me Mozart

This whimsical color music book printing project is one of a series of books that teaches children music through shapes and colors. Color Me Mozartâ„¢ was developed from years of working with thousands of children. Colors and shapes are retained … Continue reading »

Memoir Book: Spotlight on Life Memories of a Grateful Man

While we truly love printing books for our clients, we are always impressed when we print memoir books. It is an impressive project to go back and remember and write about events from decades ago. And all the wonderful memories … Continue reading »

Event Book Printing: Spotlight on True Deliverance Church

For True Deliverance Church’s 49th annual general assembly, an event book was designed to guide attendees through the assembly, share messages from the staff, and inform about upcoming events in the church. In addition, the event book contained a list … Continue reading »

Perfect Bound Motivational Book: Spotlight on Try Kindness by Joshua Goodling

This short perfect bound motivational book was written by Joshua Goodling, a terminal cancer survivor, speaker, and author. His messages, books, and writings have inspired and encouraged people all over the world. Joshua wrote this short publication to be a … Continue reading »

Perfect Bound Poetry Book: Spotlight on Don’t Judge Me By My Cover

In describing her perfect bound poetry book, the author states, “Everyone goes through hard times, right? Writing these poems is what helped me get through mine. While this book may look happy and cheerful, the inside is filled with writings … Continue reading »

Perfect Bound Business Manual: Spotlight on Lewis Maven and Associates

A business comes with great responsibilities and a plethora of things a new business owner needs to know and understand. Lewis Maven and Associates guides you through a business readiness process and gives you the next steps to making your … Continue reading »