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Write a Novel Easily with These 9 Tips

You’ve decided to write a novel. That’s an exciting challenge, and you probably can’t wait to sit down, get scribbling, and start the story that’s living in your imagination. Before you start, look over these novel-writing tips that have worked … Continue reading »

Comic Book Tools: 10 Essential Tools for Comic Book Artists

Looking for which comic book tools you should use? Writing and illustrating a comic book requires the creative vision to tell a thrilling story, one with words and a story and one with pictures. But to morph a story concept … Continue reading »

Write Your Book Fast: How to Write a Great Book

Want to write your book fast? Whether you’re a speedy writer or a slow one, you may have decided that it’s time to write a short book in the fastest time possible. There are many reasons you might decide to … Continue reading »

Successful Children’s Books: 12 Essential Parts

What makes successful children’s books? Readers of all ages are drawn to picture books, and most adults may even have a few favorites that they remember reading from their childhood. The littlest readers often pull out their most prized books … Continue reading »

Fiction Self-Editing: 9 Tips to Successfully Edit Your Book

Fiction self-editing is hard, but it’s necessary if you want to produce the best manuscript for publication. Writing a first draft is a huge accomplishment, but it’s only the first step in getting your book published. Fiction self-editing will ensure … Continue reading »

Does Your Book Suck? 6 Common Problems to Avoid

You have done the hard work of writing, proofing, printing, and marketing your book, but sometimes the retail sales are lower than expected. Authors who self-publish their work have to tend to a lot of details to take their work … Continue reading »

Title Page: How to Make a Stellar Title Page

Your title page is important to your book. Opening a book, readers are met with various pages before the actual book content begins. Often named the front matter by publishers, the first few pages sometimes seem more of a formality … Continue reading »

Fiction Setting: 9 Tips to Create a Great Setting

In any novel, the fiction setting is key element. Writers who can make readers feel like they’ve been whisked away to a new place are writers that readers will turn to again and again. You want your readers to feel … Continue reading »

AI Book Covers: 5 Great Reasons to Use One

Should you consider AI book covers for your books? A gorgeous book cover that appeals to readers in all of the right ways is what every author hopes they can deliver to their readers. For a self-publishing author, ensuring that … Continue reading »

Buy Books Directly: Convincing Reasons for Your Readers

How do you get readers to buy books directly from you? When your self-published book is ready to get into the hands of your readers, authors can choose which channels they want to use to sell their books. While some … Continue reading »

Book Mockups: How to Boost the Impact of Your Advertising

Wonder why you need book mockups? One of the challenges every self-published writer faces is the need for advertising ideas that work with a small budget while making a big impact. How are you going to get the word out … Continue reading »

Selling Books with Email Marketing: 6 Great Tips

Writing and publishing a book might seem like the most critical parts of becoming an author, but selling books into the hands of readers is equally important. Writers who self-publish today can use one strategy that allows them to interact … Continue reading »