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Buy Books Directly: Convincing Reasons for Your Readers

How do you get readers to buy books directly from you? When your self-published book is ready to get into the hands of your readers, authors can choose which channels they want to use to sell their books. While some … Continue reading »

Book Mockups: How to Boost the Impact of Your Advertising

Wonder why you need book mockups? One of the challenges every self-published writer faces is the need for advertising ideas that work with a small budget while making a big impact. How are you going to get the word out … Continue reading »

Selling Books with Email Marketing: 6 Great Tips

Writing and publishing a book might seem like the most critical parts of becoming an author, but selling books into the hands of readers is equally important. Writers who self-publish today can use one strategy that allows them to interact … Continue reading »

Graphic Memoir: 6 Tips for Writing a Great Memoir

A graphic memoir is a book about a person, their life, and the lessons learned in life. They are often popular because these books allow readers to learn from another person’s life experiences. Readers love to see the world through … Continue reading »

Book Preface: 6 Tips to Write a Great Preface

A book preface is an important part of your book’s front matter. While not needed in a novel, it is necessary in a work of nonfiction, where it sets the tone of your book and gives readers some idea of … Continue reading »

Biography Writing: 10 Steps to Great Biography Writing

Biography writing is a distinct skill. A good biographer can explain why a person’s life mattered and how their work contributed to world history. A biography can shed light on a particular historical era or developments in art and literature. … Continue reading »

Paperback Book Format: 7 Great Formatting Tips

Looking for paperback book format tips? Writing and self-publishing a book gives you the chance to create, format, and print your book any way you want to, and many authors decide that paperback book printing is the best option. Fiction … Continue reading »

Romance Novel: 4 Essential Elements

Romance novels are the top-selling genre in fiction. For many writers, creating these wonderful stories is as much fun as reading them is for readers. Readers of romance novels are always eager to read more of their favorite genre, but … Continue reading »

Crime Novel: Don’t Make These Grievous Mistakes

A crime novel can be exciting for the reader—and the writer. Crime novels outsell all other genres. This popular genre includes cozy mysteries, detective novels, police procedurals, serial killer stories, noir fiction, and serial killer stories. If you want to … Continue reading »

One Week Book Writing: Tips for Writing a Great Book in One Week

Should you try one week book writing? Is it possible to write a book in one week? Some people have done it, and they’ve even lived to tell the tale. Maybe you’re fed up with your procrastination, or a tantalizing … Continue reading »

Book Publishing Schedule: The Best Time to Publish Your Book

What’s the best book publishing schedule to publish your book? Putting the finishing touches on your manuscript means that the next step is to publish your work. But should you publish it right when you finish, or is there a … Continue reading »

Self Publishing Surprises: 10 Outstanding Book Insights

While self publishing is truly a journey, many authors find out it contains many self publishing surprises. For many writers, once the hard work of creating, editing, formatting, and printing their self-published book is finished, the one result they expect … Continue reading »