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While Christian book publishing can seem like a scary venture, just take the process one step at a time. To help with the writing portion of your religious book, consider these 5 writing tips from Christian authors.

Christian Book Publishing Services

Below are our book printing options.

  • Printing in color or black and white.
  • Our standard sizes are 5½ x 8½, 6 x 9, 8½ x 11, and 9 x 12, but we can print any size up to 9 x 12
  • Lamination of covers, with gloss, soft touch, leather, and linen lamination available. Lamination is not available for saddle stitched books.
  • Many different paper stocks for the inside pages and cover.
  • Four different binding styles — perfect bound, plastic coil, saddle stitch, and wire-o. We have printed Christian and religious books using all four styles, depending on the usage and number of papers.

Tips for Your Christian Book Publishing

As you prepare to print your Christian book publishing project, keep these points in mind:

Take Time to Edit Your Book

Especially if you are running up against a deadline, it’s easy to take a quick final glance at your Christian book publishing project and then submit it for printing. Don’t do that! After spending weeks or months writing your book, you know what you meant to say and often won’t notice typos or grammatical errors in your work. If you can afford it, it is best to have a professional editor review your book. But if that’s not an option, consider having friends or relatives edit the book.

Sometimes a person who is not familiar with a Christian book publishing project will notice glaring errors that aren’t obvious to you. We recently received a book for printing that had seven words on the cover — with two typos! If you decide to ask friends or family members to review your book, don’t take any of their comments personally. Remember that they are trying to make your book better, not give you a hard time. You don’t want to ruin a personal relationship because you didn’t like comments made about your book.

Make Sure the Book Design Is Professional

Your book won’t be taken seriously if the layout is not professional. Almost anyone can be a designer nowadays. But that is both good and bad. Good because you can lay out your book with little cost. Bad if you do so without taking care to make sure you follow typically book conventions.

Before you start designing your book, gather a few Christian book publishing projects whose design you find attractive. Flip through them, noting the parts that you like. How are the different chapters handled? What fonts and font sizes are used? Are paragraphs indented or left justified? Are they fully justified or right ragged? How large are the margins on the page?

Many novices try to cram as much information as possible on the page, not realizing that this makes the text difficult to read for many readers. Where are page numbers located on the page? Simply putting odd numbers on the left hand pages and even numbers on the right hand pages will brand you as a novice designer.

You Need a Great Cover for Your Book

Readers will often judge your book by its cover, so it’s important to have a professional cover design. If you aren’t happy with the designs you come up with or can’t find a good designer for your cover, consider using Publishing Xpress to design your cover. For only $100, our team of designers will design a professional cover after getting basic information and graphic preferences from you.

After the cover is designed, they will send it to you to review. Our service comes with two rounds of revisions, but you don’t have to stop there. If you need further revisions, additional rounds of revisions are $25 each. It’s an inexpensive solution to cover design.

Make a Decision on Binding Style for Your Book

We offer four binding styles for your Christian book publishing project — perfect bound, plastic coil, saddle stitch, and wire-o. All are appropriate for Christian and religious books, depending on the number of pages and use of the book.

For books with fewer than 80 pages, saddle stitch may work. If you are looking for a more professional look or have over 80 pages, you might want to consider perfect binding. Or, if the user will be writing in the book, plastic coil and wire-o binding are great choices.

Decide on Paper Choices

You need to select paper for the inside pages and the cover of your Christian book publishing project. Your choices will depend on your binding style and the use of the book. We recommend that you request our free sample packet. We’ll send you samples of all four of our binding styles. Plus, the plastic coil book has samples of all of our papers in it and examples of gloss and soft-touch lamination. It is very helpful when making choices for your religious book.

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Consider Lamination for Your Cover

We can laminate the covers of perfect bound, plastic coil, and wire-o books. Lamination offers some protection for the covers. Gloss lamination makes the cover colors pop, while soft-touch lamination offers a velvety feel. For plastic coil and wire-o books, you can also add a clear plastic cover to the front and a colored plastic cover to the back.

Order a Hard Copy Press Proof If Needed

Sometimes you just aren’t sure what the finished book will look like. Or you may be nervous about some of the options you selected. Rather than having all of our books printed, request a hard copy press proof with your order. The book will be printed and bound with the options you selected in your order, so you’ll know exactly how the finished books will look.

It’s not unusual to notice things in the hard copy press proof that you didn’t see in the digital file. When you find things like that, you can submit a new file before we print the rest of your books. Or if you want to change any of the selected options, you can do so. The cost of a hard copy press proof is very reasonable — $60 if the proof is sent via UPS ground service and $100 if sent via UPS overnight service.

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