Self-Publishing Help: Things to Know Before You Self-Publish

You’ve finally reached the point as an author where you’re ready to publish your work. As an up-and-coming author, you may not have publishers chomping at the bit to take your first manuscript and run with it, so you may find yourself exploring other options. Self-publishing can be a very independent, rewarding process, but there are things to know before you self publish. Considering expenses, figuring out the best platform, and crafting a marketing plan are all huge factors to take into account all things to know before you self-publish.

One important piece of self-publishing advice is that it’s easy to underestimate the costs involved. No matter how talented or how resourceful you may be, money will be spent well before any is actually earned. When budgeting, think about the cost of materials and the time it will require for you to self-publish (remember, time is money!).

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Do you have a reliable editor to go through your manuscript or will you need to hire a fresh pair of professional eyes to do so? Are you a writer/designer or will you need to recruit someone to produce your novel’s eye-catching cover? Hardcover or soft?  Quantity? Paper weight? Binding type? All these things to know before you self-publish will determine the costs incurred and how you will need to budget.

Publishing Xpress makes this part easier by providing a quote calculator that provides invaluable self-publishing help when it comes to pricing.

A huge debate in the self-publishing world these days is whether digital format or print format is best. This is something only you as the author and publisher can decide. Getting a real self-published book into someone’s hands is a lot easier in the real world than asking them to download it sight unseen, though.

These days, it’s not a bad idea to have both formats available as one may help boost popularity and prompt the sales of each other in the long run.

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Once you’ve figured out how and where you plan to publish, developing a flawless marketing plan is key. One of the most important pieces of self-publishing advice to remember is that spending all the time and money in the world alone will not sell your book.

Getting involved in online conversation, taking out ads in local publications, visiting with bookstore owners, and participating in readings are all things to know before you self-publish.

The real truth about self-publishing is that there is no fast or easy way to do it. Do not expect to follow a magical formula that ensures success.  But know that there are ways to go about doing things to set you up for potential success.

Having a quality, well-written and edited manuscript that looks as great as it reads is where to start, regardless of whether its length is more appropriate for magazine printing or book printing.

Utilizing any and all channels available are what helps promote growth, and putting forth the effort to generate conversation are all things to know before you self-publish. The most valuable of our things to know before you self-publish is the importance of learning the things to know before you self-publish.

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