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So you want to find out more about self publishing books! Publishing Xpress can help. We provide simple, painless, and affordable online self publishing books services to customers with a wide range of needs.

In 2009, 76% of all books released were self-published

We provide everyone who has a story to tell with a method for sharing it. Self publishing books is making its way into the mainstream. Notable success stories include a number of self-published authors landing their titles onto the prestigious New York Times bestseller list. Did you know that “50 Shades of Grey” started as a self-published work? Here are 12 myths about self-publishing that may answer some of your questions.

Be a DIY Book Publisher: What you need to know to get started

If you’re looking into online self publishing books services, chances are you probably have your publication written or at least well-planned—you’re just looking at self-publishing companies to help you get it printed. Whether it’s your first novel, a trade association publication, an informative booklet, or a literary magazine, we can provide the self publishing books service you need to get a professionally printed product in your hands.

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Getting help choosing printing, binding, and shipping options

One of the first things you’ll need to determine is how you want your self published book, magazine, or other publication printed. Our staff can provide knowledgeable assistance in explaining your options for size, paper, binding, and shipping. We will also provide quotes for various options and the quantity you wish to print.

Sending and proofing the document

The next step in the process is to send us your formatted digital document. As publishers who care about the quality of the final product, we’ll do a test print and inspect your document for errors. After both parties are confident the document is error-free, we will upload a PDF file for proofing. You can also request a hard copy proof. We will not print your publication until you have given us final approval on these proofs.

Printing and shipping your publication

Once you have approved the proof of your document, we will print and ship your order. This will occur within 5 business days of approval. Be sure to check with our representatives about expedited printing and shipping options if your publication is time-sensitive.

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Self publishing books—contact us today to learn how

A self publishing company with years of experience, Publishing Xpress can help you with self publishing books, magazines, booklets, and a variety of other documents. Get your quote today or check out our Book Self Publishing page.

Now that your book is written, edited, formatted, and the cover is designed, it’s time to order some books in the self-publishing process! At Publishing Xpress, we’ve made the self-publishing process really easy. We have online calculators that allow you to input the specifications for your book and instantly get a price quote.

If you’re not sure what paper options to select, send for our free sample package, which has a plastic coil book with all of our papers in it. And be sure to check out our numerous 5-star reviews.

Not sure if you should laminate the covers? We think that’s always a great option — gloss lamination will make the colors on your cover really pop while soft-touch lamination gives your book a really velvety feel.

If you have time, consider getting a hard copy press proof. You’ll get a copy of your book with the inside and cover paper you’ve chosen and any lamination. That way, you can make sure the book is exactly the way you want it before printing all of the copies. The cost for a press proof is $60 if the proof is sent via UPS ground service and $100 if it is sent via UPS overnight service.

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