Yearbook Printing Spotlight on Sacred Heart Nativity Schools

Yearbook Printing Spotlight on Sacred Heart Nativity Schools

Salmaan Ahmad

Salmaan Ahmad

July 3, 2014

Not every school or yearbook is created equal. Though the school year may be over and much of our color yearbook printing done until next year, this yearbook printing spotlight of a special client of ours shows their truly optimistic and nonprofit nature.

Sacred Heart Nativity School for boys and Our Lady of Grace Nativity School for girls are urban Catholic middle schools that seek to educate young men and women to enter college preparatory high school programs in partnership with the Society of Jesus, the Diocese of San José, and the Parish of Sacred Heart. The schools are dedicated to providing a Catholic education for students of low-income families, with priority given to families of the Sacred Heart community.

They seek donations and investors to keep their programs and schools running.

Spotlight Color Yearbook Printing Spotlight for Sacred Heart Nativity Schools

We at Publishing Xpress want to simply point out that we are all for our community and clients. We try our best to work with our clients to stay within budget while still receiving a quality product. And our nonprofit clients always get a 10% discount.

These schools are on a tight budget but still managed to provide a yearbook for their students, and we here at Publishing Xpress tip our hat to their dedication to their students, which is why we selected them for our yearbook printing spotlight.

SHNS kept design and specs super simple. Full color yearbook printing with clean edge picture collages, and a uniform simple notebook paper design background throughout. They did not go with the heaviest of papers, nor the glossiest of papers. They opted for a well suitable saddle-stitch binding, considering this yearbook was for young kids and consisted of less than 80 pages.

Saddle-stitch is our more affordable binding, and the lighter weight the paper, the less the cost.

Seeing that they went for an uncoated inside text, a matte hand drawn art cover matched just perfectly. The paper really gives the final product a vintage yearbook feel.

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Specs for This Yearbook Printing Spotlight

  • 8 1/2 x 11 Color Pages
  • Saddle stitching
  • 24 pages + Cover
  • 80 lb. Matte Cover
  • 70 lb. Uncoated Text

Client Review of Their Yearbook Printing Project

“I selected Publishing Xpress because of the small budget I had and when I received the samples I was excited about the quality. I got my yearbook on time and look forward to creating next year’s and having it printed again by Publishing Xpress.

Thank you again for printing a great yearbook.”

More Information

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