Wire-o Workbook Printing: Spotlight on Secure Marriage

Wire-o Workbook Printing: Spotlight on Secure Marriage

Ann O'Brien

Ann O'Brien

March 24, 2018

At Publishing Xpress, we love working with all of our clients — but it is always a treat to work on projects that help people have better lives and relationships, like this wire-o workbook printing project. Secure Marriage is a research-based and solutions-focused marital counseling company headed by Paul Elmore, M.A., M.S., LPC and his wife, Shannon. Their materials are available on multiple platforms, including print (that’s where we come in!).

Wire-o Workbook Printing for Secure Marriage

This project was a wire-o workbook printing project to go along with one of Secure Marriage’s seminars. Entitled “6 Secrets of Every Secure Marriage,” it proceeds step-by-step, using biblical references, to help couples at any stage of marriage figure out where they are versus where they ought to be.

Wire-o Workbook Printing Project Specs

Paper: 70# Uncoated
Ink: Black
Size: 8.5 x 11
Cover: 100# Matte – Color
Binding: Wire-o
# of pages: 36

Client Review of Wire-o Workbook Printing

Why did you select Publishing Xpress?

We did a lot of research on different self-publishing and printing companies and the reason we went with Publishing Xpress was because of the price, but also because the website was user friendly, there was lots of information to help us decide which way to bind our workbooks (we had been planning on a perfect bound workbook), and the downloadable “FREE Ultimate Guide to Printing Your Book, Booklet, Catalog or Magazine” was incredibly helpful (but also just a really good looking and well laid out piece. We like when companies represent themselves well.).

How was your experience with Publishing Xpress?

Our experience was fantastic. When we had questions, there was always someone available with the answer or we got an answer in a timely manner. Customer service was stellar.

How do you feel about the quality and timeliness of your project?

We absolutely love the quality of our printed workbooks. They turned out so amazing. We have been printing, collating, three-hole punching, and binding them in clear cover folders ourselves up until this printing. Having them wire-bound was the best decision ever, second only to having Publishing Xpress print the workbooks for us. As far as timeliness goes, there was a tiny snafu (due to an error on our part) after we placed our order that could have meant not getting our workbooks by the date we needed them by. However, Publishing Xpress worked its magic, and we received our amazing looking workbooks right on schedule!

Would you use Publishing Xpress again? Why?

We will absolutely use Publishing Xpress again. Why would you choose to change something that already works so perfectly? We already have several more marriage workshops scheduled which means more print work for Publishing Xpress. We also really appreciated the superb customer service.

Is there anything you wish had been different?

The one thing that needs to be addressed or taken into consideration is when we needed to call in with payment information the voicemail that played said it was for Integrated Concepts. We had no idea who this was and wasn’t comfortable leaving payment information on the voicemail. We later found out it is a parent company. What would have been helpful for us was to hear Publishing Xpress somewhere in the voicemail message to reassure us we had actually called the correct number. Other than that, which in the grand scheme of things wasn’t a big deal, for our first time ordering with Publishing Xpress, everything went smoothly and our hopes and expectations were very well met!

More Information on the Secure Marriage Wire-o Workbook Printing Project

To learn more about Secure Marriage and the materials they provide for couples, including this wire-o workbook printing project, please visit their website.

Looking to get a workbook printed? Check out our pricing calculators.

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