The 5 Weirdest Calendar Printing Projects

The 5 Weirdest Calendar Printing Projects

Salmaan Ahmad

Salmaan Ahmad

December 19, 2014

As you consider your own calendar printing project for 2015, whether as a promotional item, a business necessity, or a gift to extended family, you might want some inspiration from the 5 weirdest calendar printing projects found on the internet in the past few years:

Weirdest Calendar Printing Projects

Coming in at #5: Every year, Stephen Green-Armytage “hatches” a tribute calendar to the strangest poultry. “Extraordinary Chickens” is gaining a cult following. Some of the names associated with these unusual fowl are tip-offs to their crazy looks, including “Polish Frizzles” and “Sicilian Buttercups.”

Next at #4: Coincidentally, another bird makes a fowl appearance on our countdown. You won’t find any glamour shots of owls in this calendar, only bleary-eyed creatures reluctant to greet the light of day. “The Hungover Owls Calendar” features witty captions poking fun at the very human condition that is unfortunately so common.

Outhouses at #3 (Ironically not at #2): The annual collection of the most unusual outhouses from BrownTrout. The calendar features some of the most scenic areas where outhouses can be found. The combination of picturesque scenery with the absurd placement of a common-looking outhouse makes for something very unusual.

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Near the Top at #2: What do you think of when you think of Tattooed Librarians of the Ocean State a librarian? The Rhode Island Library Association believes you should think of tattoos. As a fund-raiser in 2014, they created their first calendar entitled, “Tattooed Librarians of the Ocean State.” According to the association’s website, “Libraries are unique as they simultaneously foster the preservation of histories and traditions, while fighting censorship and fostering cutting-edge learning environments. Likewise, tattoos can also represent the preservation of history and resistance of the norm.”

The #1 Weirdest Calendar Printing Projects is: . . . “Goats in Trees.” Another creation of BrownTrout, this calendar defies description. You’re left wondering if it is real or photo-shopped. Apparently, hungry Moroccan goats are nimble enough to climb the Argan trees in search of berries.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the 5 weirdest calendar printing projects! For your next calendar printing project, whether weird or not, look into the calendar printing services of Publishing Xpress. Be sure to check out our numerous 5-star Google reviews.

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