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Religious Workbook Printing: Spotlight on Institute Bible Study Series

Ann O'Brien

Ann O'Brien

September 24, 2022

This religious workbook printing project was everything you’d want in a workbook — well designed, plenty of space for the user to write in, and bound appropriately for a workbook (wire-o). It does a wonderful job of presenting its mission:

“Many come to the Bible unsure of where to start. You may feel intimidated by the gap in culture and time between now and when the Bible was written. Maybe you are unsure of your ability to understand what is written. Perhaps you come to the Bible with preconceived ideas of what is in a text or simply to look for a quick point of application to help get you through the day.

We have intentionally designed these studies to help you slow down and see what the text actually says. In fact, that is the first place to start when you study the Bible. We must first understand what a text says before we can understand what it means. And only after we have considered what it means can we then rightly know how it applies.”

Project Specs for Religious Workbook Printing

Paper: 70# uncoated text
Cover: 100# matte cover with one-sided gloss lamination
Ink: Black and white
Size: 8.5 x 11
Binding: Wire-o
# of Pages: 98

religious workbook sample

Client Review of Religious Workbook Printing:

Why did you choose Publishing Xpress?

As the idea for this project developed and the type of final product we wanted took shape, we began looking for a way to publish the workbook that offered (1) a simple procedure and (2) a professional result at (3) a reasonable cost with (4) a speedy turnaround.

After a quick search online, Publishing Xpress caught our eye. The website easily allowed us to “what if” with different print options to compare costs and the client testimonials were encouraging.

So, I requested a sample package of your printing products and those arrived in a couple of days. Just being able to hold these various items, to see the different bindings, to feel the several paper options, and to read The Ultimate Guide to Printing Your Book convinced us that we had found our publisher.

A couple of brief emails with your “help” team to answer a few layout and production questions were answered quickly and helpfully. We submitted the project within a couple of days and received a PDF proof back for approval the same day. The finished product arrived on our doorstep within seven business days.

So, how was our experience? Outstanding! How did we feel about the quality and timeliness of our project? Delighted! Would we use Publishing Xpress again? Absolutely! That’s the plan for the whole series. Why? See above! We can honestly say that there’s nothing that we might wish had been different. Excellent service from start to finish. The Institute at Fortified Hills has found a publishing home.

More Information on Religious Workbook Printing:

For more information about the Institute at Fortified Hills and their religious workbook printing project, check out their website.

If you’re looking for a trusted printer for your religious workbook printing, you couldn’t pick a better option than Publishing Xpress. We specialize in printing multi-page books. If  you’d like more information about getting a book printed through Publishing Xpress, check out our calculators here.

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