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Product Catalog Creation: How to Create a Great Catalog

Salmaan Ahmad

Salmaan Ahmad

July 3, 2024

Looking for inspiration for your product catalog creation? Printed product catalogs are popular among companies with products to sell, and they’re even more popular with potential buyers. That’s because print catalogs, even in our digital age, are more likely to spur customers to buy your products than any other form of advertising.

If you’ve never had to worry about product catalog creation, have no fear. Templates and copyright-free images make it easy for anyone to produce a well-designed catalog. Follow our tips to create a print catalog you and your customers will enjoy.

Why You Need a Product Catalog Creation

A catalog is the best way to tell the world about your products, and they have more of an impact in print. Print catalogs are more powerful marketing tools than digital ads or online catalogs. Customers enjoy reading them, and they’re more likely to buy your products after reading about them in an attractive, engaging booklet.

Studies have found that most catalog readers end up making their purchase decisions while reading the catalog, but they do the actual buying online. Use that knowledge to your advantage by making sure your online ordering system is fully functional.

What Makes a Compelling Product Catalog Creation?

Before you start your product catalog creation, it’s helpful to know the elements of a good catalog. During the writing and design process, keep these qualities in mind.


Your product catalog is the centerpiece of your print advertising campaign. With your product catalog creation, be sure it uses the same style, colors, and typographical elements of your other printed marketing products. Include your logo, and be sure your branding stays consistent.

Easy to use

The best catalogs are easy to use. They make it simple for readers to find exactly what they’re looking for, and easy to picture how those products fit into their daily lives. Show the products in use, so they can imagine using them to improve their lives. Make the pricing clear, and use callouts and highlight to point to offers, discounts, clearance items, and other exclusive offers.


People enjoy reading catalogs that are colorful and attractively laid out. Use four-color printing for the biggest impact. Choose bright colors and eye-catching images that invite readers to keep turning pages. Select photos that show your products in the best light and in settings that appeal to your audience.


The images of your products should make readers think, “I want that!” When possible, show the products in use, with images of people wearing them, using them in their gardens, or being rewarded for their excellent choice of a corporate supplier. Your catalog invites them to see how your products can improve their lives.


Studies have found that print catalogs and mailers work best—that is, lead to more sales–when they’re paired with online shopping convenience. Most buyers choose to look at a print catalog before they make a purchase, and they then make those purchases online.

To take advantage of this shopping preference, make sure your website address is prominently displayed in bold, bright text on your catalog pages. Of course, there are some people who still prefer the old school method of calling in an order, so be sure to highlight your toll-free order number, too.


Everyone likes to feel like they’re in on a special deal. With your catalog, you can give customers that sense of exclusivity, even if your products don’t fit the “exclusive” or luxury categories. You do it by offering special rates, promotions, and discounts only available through the product catalog.

Include a promo code that the buyer can use to get a discount or a gift with purchase. Customers enjoy these specials, and they enjoy the feeling of belonging to an exclusive club that only your catalog provides.

How to Win at Product Catalog Creation

1. Choose a layout for product catalog creation

Attractive layout and design will make your product catalog creation look its best. Readers are drawn to eye-catching catalogs that seem to offer page after page of desirable items. Fortunately, templates make it easy for product catalog creation that is stylish and easy to read.

Start by figuring out how many pages you’ll need. The page count may change as you develop a layout and choose products to highlight, so don’t feel you have to stick to your first count. Be flexible, and let the design guide you.

Where do you find templates? Easy-to-use, customizable catalog layouts can be found at these sites, among others.

  • This site has hundreds of free, easily adaptable templates for catalogs, brochures, itineraries, and other items.
  • Etsy: You can buy hand-designed, unique catalog templates from Etsy creators for under $10 each.
  • Visme: This site offers a range of elegant, customizable catalog templates. They are free, but you must sign up for a Visme membership.
  • Microsoft Word: Word has templates for many things, including product catalog creation. If you’re using Word to write your catalog copy, it’s easy to drop the text directly into the template.
  • FlipBuilder: Choose from seven modern, attractive styles in FlipBuilder’s free offerings, or upgrade to Premium for more choices.

2. Write the product catalog creation copy

You don’t need long, detailed descriptions in your catalog, unless that’s the style that appeals to your readers. Most want to know what they can’t tell from the picture, like what the product is made of, available colors, sizes, and availability. If there are other items (or replacement parts) that go with the product, tell readers which page they can find them on.

In writing this text, the preferred layout is to write a brief, one-paragraph description of the item, highlighting its uses and best features, and then add a bulleted list of the details.

When you write, use short, clear sentences and plain language. Technical terms are necessary in some catalogs, but be sure to use non-technical language when directing readers where to find items, use discounts, or place orders.

3. Add pictures to your product catalog creation

Your catalog will come alive with pictures and graphics. Besides photos of your products, add photos of people using the products, background settings, and other graphic elements. Sites like Pixabay, Shutterstock, and Unsplash offer beautiful photos, drawings, cartoons, and other pictures that are free to use.

4. Create the covers of your product catalog creation

Like a book cover, a product catalog cover should be bold, bright, and eye-catching. Use a single large image and bold text. The best image is one that sums up your company’s image and branding.

What image do you want people to have of your company and products? The cover should also highlight the arrival of new products, whether there are any seasonal items, and which promotions you are running.

The back cover is also important. Choose an image that’s thematically close to the one on the front cover. Include ordering information, and remind readers about sales and discounts you’re offering.

5. Write headlines and callouts for your product catalog creation

Use eye-catching headlines to point readers to specials, sales, and customer favorites. Big, bold headlines should highlight the exclusive element of the catalog. Use terms like, “Back by popular demand,” “New colors available,” or “Get 20% off with discount code SPRING20.” If your cover shows a particular item, include a callout on the cover telling which page they can find it on.

For the biggest impact, use serif text for the main body, and use sans serif text for the headlines and callouts. Don’t mix too many different font styles or colors. Keep the pages clean and easy to read.

Design Product Catalog: Key Points

  • Use high-resolution images and photos.
  • Choose bold headlines and bright colors.
  • Stay consistent with your company colors and branding.
  • Offer exclusive deals.
  • Highlight the website address and toll-free order number.

Use Professional Printing for the Best Results

Once you your product catalog creation is ready, give it a high-quality look with professional printing. A good-looking catalog with strong color resolution conveys an image of professionalism and success. To get a quote or learn more about our printing services, contact Publishing Xpress.

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