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Perfect Bound Children’s Book Printing: Spotlight on My Daughters the Otters

Ann O'Brien

Ann O'Brien

March 12, 2022

We love printing children’s books (honestly, we love printing all books!). But we really loved the inspiration behind this book. The author, Linden Tyler Glavich, dedicated this book to his daughters. The story features three otters and their adventures. It’s a delightful perfect bound children’s book printing project.

My Daughters the Otters

We can think of a more loving gift than to present your daughters with a book written and illustrated for them! On his about the author page in the book, Linden indicates that he has always had a passion for imaginative stories. He writes stories for his children. This is one of their stories and Linden’s first book. We’re honored that he chose us to print it!

Project Specs for Perfect Bound Children’s Book Printing

Paper: 100# Gloss Text
Cover: 100# Gloss Cover, with gloss lamination
Ink: Color
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
Binding: Perfect bound
# of Pages: 20

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Client Review of Perfect Bound Children’s Book Printing:

Why did you choose Publishing Xpress?

I did lots of research on pricing and quality. I contacted this company and once I got samples, I fell in love with the products.

How was your experience with Publishing Xpress?

As a first time author and having my first time self publishing a book, it could not have gone any better. It was fast. The company was easy to work with and for someone who isn’t tech savvy, the company made it really simple.

How do you feel about the quality and timeliness of your project?

From start to finish, it was very fast. Once my proof came, they had laid out exactly how long it would take and it took exactly as long as they said. It was perfect.

Would you use Publishing Xpress again? Why?

I am fully planning on publishing with the company again. There were no surprises, the pricing was competitive, and the quality was superb.

Is there anything you wish had been different?


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More Information on Perfect Bound Children’s Book Printing:

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At the point where you want to check pricing? Our online calculators give you instant pricing: check out this page. Be sure to check out our many 5-star Google reviews!

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