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Online Book Printing Service: 7 Great Benefits

Salmaan Ahmad

Salmaan Ahmad

September 25, 2023

Should you use an online book printing service? Authors put hours, days, weeks, or even years into writing a book, so choosing how to finalize a book so it is ready to be put into a reader’s hands is a big decision. Deciding to self-publish is an increasingly popular option today for many writers, and more books are hitting the physical and virtual bookshelves than ever before. But authors who decide to go the self-publishing route now can choose from different types of printing services, including an online book printing service, to transform their manuscript into a beautiful physical book, ready for their readers to enjoy.

Choosing to Work with an Online Book Printing Service

The rise of self-publishing is due in part to the clear differences between self-publishing and working with a publishing company. Many writers don’t like to turn over the editing, designing, and marketing decisions about their book to a publishing company after spending so much time and effort on the book’s development.

Self-publishing, by contrast, has continued to grow in popularity with aspiring writers because it is a simple, straightforward process that allows writers to maintain control over every aspect of their book, from start to finish. And self-publishing has been made even more convenient with the growth of online book printing service. If you are on the fence about choosing the right type of printer for your next book, these seven benefits of working with an online book printing service just might help you understand how your printing partner can make self-publishing a little bit easier.

1. You can customize your book with an online book printing service.

An online book printing service provides authors with the tools to create fully customized books. Authors can use an online book printer’s ordering tool to choose every aspect of their book’s final appearance, making selections that reflect their personal vision for their book’s look and feel from the size of the book, the materials used, and even the binding of the book.

Instead of having to agree to what a traditional publisher’s vision is for their work, authors who self-publish through an online book printing service can make all of the decisions themselves with the click of a button.

2. An online book printing service lets you print small (or large) batches at a time.

Traditional publishing companies utilize offset printing methods that require large runs of a book at a time, usually thousands of copies at a time. By contrast, digital printing methods offered by an online book printing service allows self-publishing authors to choose how many books they want to print at one time after meeting small minimums first.

An online book printing services gives authors the flexibility to print both small batches or big runs of their books, perfect for authors who need to manage shipping and storage of their books or are watching the initial cost outlays associated with self-publishing.

The ability to reprint new batches of a book through an online book printing service means that writers who want to make changes to their initial manuscript can do so quickly and without any additional costs associated with the change. Offset printers, used with large printing runs, do not allow for manuscript changes easily or without additional cost. Digital printing methods used by online printers, however, make fixing errors in a manuscript or adding new content like reader reviews to the book’s cover easy to do when a new run of books is ordered online.

3. You can save money by using an online book printing service.

Self-publishing requires authors to shoulder any costs associated with the development, printing, and marketing of their book. Authors who publish traditionally will only receive a small fraction of book sales profits as well as book royalties. Self-publishing through an online book printer, by contrast, lets authors earn a much higher return on sales of their books because they own all of the rights and royalties to the book themselves.

In addition, by working with an online printing company that uses digital printing, authors can order only the number of books they need, reducing the money potentially lost when a printer requires a large number of books to be printed on a single run.

4. Working with an online book printing service will save you significant time.

The traditional publishing process can take months for a book to be edited, printed, and sent to retail outlets to be sold. But self-publishing authors who partner with online book printing services can print their book within a much shorter period of time.

The turnaround time for books printed through an online book printing company can be anywhere from a few days to a week or two. A significant time savings over traditional publishing, many authors choose to self-publish with an online digital printer simply because they won’t have to wait to have their book in their readers’ hands. Instead of waiting months for your hard work to turn into a book ready to sell, you can start seeing a profit from book sales much more rapidly with an online book printing service.

5. Online book printing companies do more than just print.

When a book is self-published, authors are responsible for all of the book’s marketing, and more often than not, marketing strategies include other print projects. Book printing is only one of the services that these online printers offer customers, and Publishing Xpress offers printing services to enhance an author’s marketing efforts as well as a full line of print projects that support businesses and personal uses.

Some of the printing services an online book printer may offer include envelopes, notepads, newsletters, postcards and greeting card printing capabilities. Online printers can specifically help authors with printing that will enhance their book’s marketing as well by

  • Printing flyers to help advertise a book in retail outlets and other brick-and-mortar locations
  • Creating posters to market the book, the author, or to use at author events
  • Making author business cards to facilitate developing connections with retailers or others in the literary world

6. Shipping is fast with online print services.

Some printers, like Publishing Xpress, offer standard shipping within a week or even the same day for authors who want copies of their books to arrive immediately.

Having a quick turnaround is critical for self-publishing authors who unexpectedly run out of books, or who schedule a book signing or author event on short notice that will require more books than the author currently has on hand. Not only can online book printing services print the book quickly, but rapid shipping can help out authors in a pinch who need more books on short notice.

7. You can expect high-quality products from online printing companies.

One of the most important benefits of using an online book printing service is that authors don’t have to worry about the quality of the products. Digital printers like Publishing Xpress turn out high-quality books and other printing projects that authors will be proud of, rivaling any book published by any other traditional publishing company.

And the assurance of top-notch quality also makes the speed, cost, and time saved by using these types of convenient printing services even more valuable to self-published authors.

Partnering with the Right Kind of Printer for Your Next Book

Creating interesting characters, writing a compelling plot, or writing a story that readers will love are all critical pieces to bringing your book to life, but so are choosing the best way to bring your book to life in physical form.

Authors who choose to partner with online book printing services can instantly experience the benefits of shorter lead times, faster shipping, smaller run minimums, and the chance to start earning profits on book sales immediately. Publishing Xpress is ready to partner with you on your next book or printing project so you can get your book into your reader’s hands in just a few short days.

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