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New Book Cover: 8 Reasons to Reprint Your Book

Ann O'Brien

Ann O'Brien

September 4, 2023

Do you need to reprint your book with a new book cover? It’s a cold, hard fact that readers judge books by their covers. Given that, it may be time to reprint with a new book cover, especially if your book came out a while ago. If you want to increase your sales, you need a new book cover that helps sell your book. Is it time to go back to the drawing board? Here are some top reasons to reprint your book with a new book cover.

1. You Want to Keep Up with Current Trends

All art forms go through stylistic changes. Book covers are an art, and they’re also a specific type of graphic design. Fashions in design change constantly. If you look at the covers of books published in the 1970s and even the 1990s, they have a distinctive look that marks them as being part of that era. Certain colors, fonts, and graphic elements are distinctive parts of their design.

Unless you are deliberately aiming at a vintage style, you don’t want your book to look dated. If your book was first published 10 or more years ago, it is probably time to reprint your book with a new book cover.

What are the strongest design trends in new book cover design right now? These are what we are seeing on new book covers now. Consider using some of these when you reprint with a new book cover.

  • Bold typography: Large, bold fonts predominate on current book covers. In some designs, the letters fill the entire new book cover and swamp the graphic elements.
  • Collage: Broken pictures, mixed media, and other elements combine to create collage-like effects on some of today’s book covers. The pictures in the collage pieces often reflect the themes of the book.
  • Photos: Instead of stock photos or illustrations, authentic photographs have become popular. These photos feature real people and real settings. They give the book design an air of authenticity.
  • Premium print finishes: Book covers regularly feature foil stamps, gilding, embossing, and other high-end finishes. These elements even appear in otherwise simple, straightforward book designs.
  • Hand-drawn elements: This trend has taken off and shows no sign of stopping. Many books published in 2022 and 2023 have hand-drawn lettering and hand-drawn pictures on the new book cover. Coupled with bright colors and large fonts, the result is visually striking.

2. You Wrote a Sequel

Your book did so well that you decided to publish a sequel. Sequels are a sign that there’s a willing audience of readers out there who want to spend more time with your characters and stories. Writing a sequel also gives you more opportunities to find new readers.

A sequel should share more than your characters and settings, however. It should also share your first book’s cover design. While it won’t match exactly, it should have an easily recognizable design, colors, and lettering. A reader should be able to spot your books instantly because they share a similar look. Publishing a sequel is a good reason to reprint your book with a new book cover.

3. Your Cover Didn’t Meet Genre Expectations So You Need a New Book Cover

Whether you like it or not, every genre has expectations. You wouldn’t write a romance novel that ends with the two lovers saying a final goodbye, and you wouldn’t write a mystery that never reveals who committed the crime. If you’ve chosen to write in a certain genre, you know that readers expect certain conventions from the story.

The same is true of cover design. For instance, cozy romances almost always show a picturesque village and a dog or cat on the cover. Fantasy novels frequently feature characters dressed in mythical costumes against alien backgrounds. A true crime account almost always shows photos of the victim and killer on the cover. If you write for a particular genre, you know what the expectation for that cover is.

Publishers use these design ideas repeatedly for a simple reason: They work. Readers who choose a particular type of book can spot the design of their favorite genre instantly. Out of all the covers, they will pick the brightest and most eye-catching one, but it starts with a familiar design.

When you design a new book cover, pay close attention to the favorite styles, images, and color themes that your readers want to see. If your book doesn’t match up, it may be time to reprint your book with a new book cover.

4. Sales Have Slowed Down

If your book’s sales started strongly but are now dropping, reprint with a new cover may be just the thing to jump-start your sales again. Getting it out there with a new cover is a chance to start a new round of marketing with a new, more attractive design.

Many things can affect book sales. Many are beyond your control, but the cover is something you can fix. You can update it or change it completely. Once you reprint with a new cover, it will be ready to launch back into the world of reviewers and readers.

5. You Didn’t Hire a Professional

When you first published your book, you may have decided against hiring a professional graphic designer for the cover. Maybe you didn’t think you could afford one—after all, self-publishing a book carries many costs, and you may have been forced to cut your budget. Maybe you didn’t realize how important the cover was, or you hired an artist who isn’t a professional book designer.

Whatever happened, you now see that this was a mistake. Unfortunately, you can’t go back in time. Fortunately, you can still fix your past mistake by issuing a reprint with a new cover. This time, you can work with someone who knows how to transform your book’s main ideas into a beautiful, eye-catching cover that will make you proud.

Working with a graphic designer is always a good use of your book marketing strategy. With a new, well-designed book cover, you and your book can start fresh.

6. Your Readers Have Suggested It

Did your readers make comments about the book cover? If they were less than complimentary, you may want to reprint your book. Nobody is suggesting that you change everything just to make your readers happy. It’s your book, and if they like your writing, they will stick with you. However, it’s also true that it’s easier for outsiders to notice things you may have missed. If you hear a lot of negative feedback about your book’s cover, give serious thought to reprint with a new book cover.

7. You Want to Fine-Tune the Design

You’re happy with your book cover, but you think it still needs a few corrections to look even better. You may want to switch a picture, change the title font, or use a brighter background color. If you get to it in time, you may be able to make these minor changes before the book goes to print the first time. If not, it’s fast and easy to make minor changes when you reprint your book.

8. Your Book Has a New Edition

Has your book been updated with new information? Some books are perennial, but others must be revised if certain facts change or if there are news updates related to the book’s topic. This is especially true of nonfiction books. If you have decided to issue a new edition of your book, you may want to reprint with a new cover. Doing so will help readers understand that the new edition is the most relevant and up-to-date version.

Is It Time to Reprint Your Book?

There are several reasons to consider a reprint with a new book cover. When you do, contact Publishing Xpress. Our fast, affordable printing services and expert service make it easy for you to print every version of your book.

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