How Do You Know You Have a Money making Book Idea?

How Do You Know You Have a Money Making Book Idea?

Salmaan Ahmad

Salmaan Ahmad

November 17, 2015

Many people have dreams of writing a best-selling book and making it big. After all, who doesn’t want to share their story or thoughts with the world with a money making book idea? Unfortunately, life gets in the way, and for most people, writing a book remains only a dream. But not for you.

You’ve decided to follow through with your book-writing aspirations, and save for getting those thoughts on paper, all you have to do is come up with an idea. Whether you have just one or one hundred, chances are you’re wondering – is this a money making book idea? Keep these criteria in mind as you decide.

It Fits the Best-Seller Template

As with almost anything at which you want to be successful, it’s important to look to the experts – a.k.a. best-selling authors. They didn’t become prosperous with just any idea; they had a money making book idea, and that’s why they are where they are today.

Closely studying these authors’ books and the best-seller lists to evaluate what is really selling is a great way to gauge the strength of your idea. While you’re not looking to mimic someone else’s ideas, you can still get a good sense of what readers are valuing these days and decide whether your idea seems to fit within the general themes of these best sellers. For example, a very popular theme that has endured for decades is the theme of success.

Whether it’s mastering Italian cooking, achieving weight loss, or enhancing relationships, many readers place value in learning how they can transition from point A to point B. Find the common themes within your own genre and evaluate whether your idea is consistent with one of them. If it is, there’s a strong chance you have a money making book idea. (Woo hoo!)

It’s a Hot Topic

If you really want to make money from your book, study what’s generating buzz these days. One of the best ways to do this is by following the media – including social media – and closely examining what they’re discussing. Like readers, ratings and likes don’t happen at random. Just as with your successful authors, the themes behind these stories are what’s really making the headlines or inspiring the most widely used hashtags.

Once you have a good grasp on what those themes are, ask yourself if your book idea falls into one of these themes. If so, it’s a good indication that your idea will resonate with your readers. 

You Have a True Passion for Your Topic

In your quest for what’s trending, don’t lose sight of your passion and values. Steve Jobs said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Regardless of how crowd-pleasing a topic may be, if it doesn’t speak to you, move on to something that does. The ideas and words are far more likely to pour if your book idea is meaningful to you.

After all, if you’re bored writing it, there’s a good chance your potential readers won’t exactly be interested either. So while you should consider what sells and what doesn’t, don’t compromise your values or shelf your true interests. You have something valuable and engaging to share! You just have to transform it into something people want to read to make sure it becomes a money making book idea.

Your Book Idea Will Help People

Money making book ideas have a specific purpose – to entertain, inform, persuade, or a combination of these. Is there a purpose behind your book idea? What is it? How will that purpose enhance your readers’ lives? People don’t buy books and invest time in reading them if there’s nothing to gain (sigh…that darned old human nature thing strikes again).

Your money making book idea should be either thoroughly entertaining, emotionally moving, inspirational, thought provoking, or even subversive. In addition to giving your readers something valuable, your book will generate buzz (a.k.a. more readers) and keep your fans wanting more.

Beyond the Book – Creating a Career from Your Money Making Book Idea

Sure – there are some very fortunate and rare writers, like Stephen King, who have carved a living solely from writing books. However, this is more of an exception than the rule. The truth is, most successful authors make much of their money on what they’ve created beyond their actual books: speaking engagements, consulting, seminars, and in some cases, even products that sprouted from the books’ ideas.

For example, Dave Asprey, the bestselling author of The Bulletproof Diet, now sells a line of mold-free coffee, energizing oils, and other nutritional supplements, in addition to running a coach-training program and an iTunes radio show. Like many authors, Asprey found a way to make a living from his book idea beyond book sales. Ask yourself if there’s similar potential in your own book idea. If so, you’ll now have a new way to make money from it.

Ask People Whose Opinion You Value about Your Money Making Book Idea

If you’re still not sure whether you’ll make money from your book idea, consider asking others for genuine feedback. There’s a good chance that you have at least a few people in your life who are insightful, honest, and (bonus!) maybe even love to read, so ask them about your money making book idea.

Ask them for their thoughts. If you don’t want to ask them directly or you’re afraid they won’t be honest, introduce your book idea during a conversation and see how they react. Did it spark emotion or interest? Then chances are you’ve got a money making book idea.

Once you’ve decided on your book idea and finished your book, you’ll need a friendly, knowledgeable online printing service that offers affordable prices and quick turnaround. Whether your book is 8 pages or 300, Publishing Xpress can help you create a book that looks as amazing as its message.

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