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The Long and Short of Printing Booklets

Salmaan Ahmad

Salmaan Ahmad

October 9, 2014

It seems no one ever starts out wanting to write booklets; but once a writer understands the benefits of printing booklets, he or she is never the same. Published and yet-to-be-published authors are getting excited about booklets. Why?

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Promotion. You can promote yourself and your ideas quickly and easily with printing booklets project. Speakers who have something to sell at the back of the room have an advantage over those who don’t. A printed booklet is an ideal solution for a public speaker who has not yet written extensively. Writers often need short samples of their work in order to gain a following before publishing more substantial books.

Flexibility. As a writer meets his marketplace, he often feels the need to tweak or add content depending on the needs and tastes of the market. Printing booklets in smaller quantities allow an author to make necessary adjustments. The result is often more relevant and marketable content.

Readers’ Preferences. Let’s face it — people are busy and prefer shorter books. A booklet on an intriguing subject can satisfy a modern reader’s thirst for knowledge and entertainment. More and more readers are avoiding longer books in favor of those they can finish while waiting for their flight at the airport or during their work breaks.

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Quick Exposure. It’s not necessary to spend years on the perfect book before getting it in front of your readers’ eyeballs. A booklet allows you to gain the benefits of increased exposure while you continue to add to your repertoire of knowledge about a subject. Get people talking about you, your unique ideas, and style. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to get some cash flow while you are becoming the author you always wanted to be.

Booklets aren’t for everyone; but if you’ve struggled to become a well-known speaker or you’ve had trouble promoting yourself as an author, think about the impact well-written printing booklets project could have in moving you closer to your dream.

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