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Excellent Customer Service: 6 Highly Satisfied Customers

Ann O'Brien

Ann O'Brien

October 24, 2022

Printing company customer service starts with the customer’s first phone call. How quickly does that new customer get answers to their questions and the guidance they need to make the right printing decision? At Publishing Xpress, we are proud of the great reviews our customers give us for our excellent customer service. We get these reviews by consistently following these principles. In this article, we share stories that illustrate how we put these principles into practice for excellent customer service.

Make Your Customers Feel Valued for Excellent Customer Service

Everyone wants to feel special. Customers want to feel that you appreciate them. They want to know you value their time. If they’re new to the printing process, they want to feel able to ask “silly” questions and receive clear answers. When you treat people with care and respect, they learn certain things about your organization:

  • They’re not just another annoyance to you.
  • You respect their time and money.
  • They can build a long-lasting relationship with you.

First-time writer J. Edgerton called us for help printing his memoir, Life Memories of a Grateful Man. The 86-year-old self-published author had no experience with printing and wasn’t sure what to expect, but his grandson found us after doing an internet search. His grandson liked the reviews about our excellent customer service and the fact that we work with first-time writers.

At Publishing Xpress, J. Edgerton found a team that made him feel valued with excellent customer service. As he put it, “A phone inquiry to Jackie was the beginning of an incredibly happy experience in completing this publication.” J. Edgerton has already recommended Publishing Xpress to his friends who want to write and print their memoirs.

Go Above and Beyond for Excellent Customer Service

It’s important to have expectations for things like delivery times and updates when you communicate with customers. Customers know what to expect when you give them timelines and a budget. Setting these expectations is the foundation of excellent customer service. At times, however, a company goes beyond those basics to deliver excellent customer service.

Children’s book writer Terre O’Connor chose Publishing Xpress to print her self-published, illustrated book It’s Your Birthday because she found a lot of helpful information on our website. She read the guides on choosing paper and cover stocks. She also looked at samples of other children’s books we published.

In her review, she said she was impressed by the quality of the books, which she called “second to none.” She then noted, “The books were accepted and printed in less than two weeks. I was shocked at how fast they come.”

That’s a case of going above and beyond customer expectations in delivering excellent customer service. Terre O’Connor contacted us again for the second print run of her book.

Be Responsive to Your Customer’s Needs for Excellent Customer Service

Treating customers with care starts with listening. In some cases, you’re dealing with a customer who has been let down by other companies and feels frustrated. You can assuage their frustration and show them how you’re different by using these techniques:

  • Listen actively to their concerns and frustrations.
  • Respond with real solutions.
  • Prove yourself by delivering the excellent customer service you promised.

TaleFeather Publishing found its way to us after disappointing experiences with Amazon’s print-on-demand service. A small publisher on a reservation in Canada, TaleFeather publishes books in various languages, including indigenous ones.

Eelonqa Harris wrote and illustrated the graphic novel Nighthawk and Little Elk, which features handcrafted avatars and text in an indigenous language. TaleFeather chose us to publish this book based on our ability to meet their exacting standards:

“You are the first printer we have ever worked with who actually listened. Our instructions were followed to a T, and your service was prompt and flawless.”

TaleFeather said they would continue to work with us despite the inconvenience of having to import books into Canada. “Your work is worth the trouble of importing,” they told us. We are thrilled that we were able to create a wonderful customer experience for them.

Provide a Personal Touch for Excellent Customer Service

No customer wants to feel they’re just another faceless number to you. Even if you’re communicating primarily online, there are ways to make customers feel like they’re talking to actual humans and give them excellent customer service. At Publishing Xpress, we are a small, family-owned company, so we know how to deliver the personal touch that makes every customer feel valued.

That’s what Taryn Perry discovered when she chose us to print her self-published fitness journal MomStrong. The journal is a 30-day motivational guide to kickstart the reader’s fitness goals.

Perry, a personal trainer, is a successful small business owner herself, but she didn’t have experience with printing. She appreciated the way we made the process easy. She noted, “The turnaround was awesome, as was the communication that it had shipped. I even told my husband about the personalized email that was sent to notify me it was ‘hand placed on the truck with Steve, our UPS driver.’ It was cool. It just paints more of a picture of what’s behind the scenes. As a small business owner, I appreciate that touch.”

Offer Helpful Information for Excellent Customer Service

Printing company customer service begins before anyone picks up the phone or requests a quote. Many of our customers say they chose us because we offer so much helpful information on our website and blog.

We provide guides to paper choices, pagination, binding, and more in our many helpful articles. Our customers can make informed choices, look at samples of our work, and arm themselves with knowledge before they pick up the phone.

At Publishing Xpress, we work with many churches that need directories printed. Among these is Faith Baptist Church in Gaffney, South Carolina. Local photographer Wendy T oversaw the project. She searched for local publishers and online printing companies before deciding to contact us.

“The first thing that impressed me about Publishing Xpress was the quick quote service offered on your website,” she said in her review. “It gave me an instant quote that I could take back to my client to help them make the most informed decision about what they wanted.

The second thing that impressed me was the sample kit that they sent free of charge. It gave me concrete examples of all the binding options and paper options. That, more than anything, directed my decision. I was impressed with the color and print quality of the samples as well.”

Wendy T said the process was fast and easy. It was her first time managing the production of a church directory, but “this project has given me the confidence to include church directories as one of my photographic services.”

Show Patience for Excellent Customer Service

Today’s world moves fast. People want answers right away, and a quick response to customer calls and emails is always the right choice. That said, it’s important to know when to slow down and take your time with a client. This is especially true for printing company services, which often deal with people who are new to printing and publishing.

The Vaglio family has collected generations of family recipes that family members treasure. The family decided to publish them as the Vaglio Family Cookbook. The book featured more than 200 recipes and beautiful, full-color photographs.

The family chose Publishing Xpress to print the spiral-bound cookbook with a laminated cover. The project took some time because there were several revisions to the text and photos. A family reviewer noted that Jackie Moinet, the customer service manager, was patient and encouraging during the process.

“The patience Jackie had during this period of revision was so comforting,” she wrote. “She said to take my time to get my book exactly how I wanted it to look and read…I felt Renee and Jackie were assisting me as people who truly cared about my project and ensured the final product was all that I had hoped for.”

You Deserve Excellent Customer Service

You can see more reviews of our printing company excellent customer service by reading the Spotlights on our blog or our numerous 5-star Google reviews.

At Publishing Xpress, we are proud of the outstanding reviews we get for our quality, speed, and fair pricing, but we’re most proud of the reviews we get for our excellent customer service. If you want the right printer for your business cards, booklet, brochure, catalog, directory, or book, talk to us. We offer affordable rates, fast turnaround, and personalized service on every job.

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