Color Workbook Printing: Spotlight on the Go Love Yourself Box

Color Workbook Printing: Spotlight on the Go Love Yourself Box

Ann O'Brien

Ann O'Brien

March 3, 2018

This week, we’re featuring a color workbook printing project. We get a lot of projects from people who have decided to take the plunge and self-publish, or start a niche magazine, etc. We love working with people to realize their dreams in print – but it’s also a great experience when we can work on a project for someone trying to help others! Like this unique color workbook printing project.

Sharon at The Go Love Yourself Box company founded the group to help overworked, stressed women take some time for personal growth and reflection by sending monthly “care packages.” The contents of each package include both practical items and a dose of luxury, all reminding the receiver to make herself a priority.

Color Workbook Printing for The Go Love Yourself Box

This specific project was a sweet workbook with a heavy topic: Broke Millennial: The Unofficial Workbook. The soft pink and cute polka dots on the cover make it much easier for anyone to ready themselves to take an honest look at their finances. As a companion guide for Erin Lowry’s Broke Millennial, there are 18 short chapters that help the reader write down their thoughts and responses in order to truly get their money worries out of their minds and onto paper.

Color Workbook Printing Project Specs

Paper: 60# Uncoated
Ink: Black
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Cover: 120#
Binding: Wire-O
# of pages:  24

Client Review of This Color Workbook Printing Project

How did you select Publishing Xpress?

I chose Publishing Xpress because I appreciated the responsiveness and thoughtfulness given to my project even before I had hit submit. Everyone I spoke with made themselves available to answer all of my questions and concerns!

How was your experience with Publishing Xpress?

Every single aspect went off without a hitch! From the introductory information that was sent by the customer service providing pre-ordering information to the delivery of my materials which were exactly how I envisioned them – I couldn’t be more thankful!

How do you feel about the quality and timeliness of your project?

I cried happy tears when I saw my ideas brought to life!

Would you use Publishing Xpress again? Why?

I’m ordering again this month! I’m excited to see that I’m getting exactly what I envisioned at exactly the quality I had hoped for!

More Information on The Go Love Yourself Box Color Workbook Printing Project

We are excited to continue to work with Sharon on the color workbook printing projects that she includes in these wonderful boxes of inspiration and guidance!

If you want to know more about Sharon and her mission to help women live full, productive, and happy lives, visit

When you’re ready to print a workbook, check out our online pricing calculators.

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