Color Perfect Bound Book Printing: Spotlight on Maxwell Moosington

Color Perfect Bound Book Printing: Spotlight on Maxwell Moosington

Salmaan Ahmad

Salmaan Ahmad

March 13, 2020

Maxwell Moosington is a furry moose that loves nature and flying his airplane. While not exploring Maine (his favorite state), he flies all around the country and goes to the beach, the park and comforts children for a good night’s sleep! This color perfect bound book printing project was a delight to work on.

Color Perfect Bound Book Printing for Maxwell Moosington

This project is a beautifully illustrated book which follows Maxwell on his journey through Maine. He encounters a lighthouse, fields of blue and more, and this whimsical expedition is sure to help tuck your child in for a good night’s sleep.

Project Specs for Color Perfect Bound Book Printing

Paper: 80# Matte Text
Cover: 80# Matte Cover
Ink: Color
Size: 8.5×11
Binding: Perfect Bound
# of Pages: 26

Client Review:

Why did you choose Publishing Xpress?

I chose Publishing Xpress for their competitive prices, many printing options, high-quality products, and fast turnaround times.

How was your experience with Publishing Xpress?

My experience with Publishing Xpress was excellent. I was very fortunate to choose a company that cared about my project and worked with me to ensure that it would come out exactly as expected. (Thank you, Emma!)

How do you feel about the quality and timeliness of your project?

The quality and timeliness of my project was what I had hoped for. It was perfect.

Would you use Publishing Xpress again? Why?

I would absolutely use Publishing Xpress again! I can’t imagine going somewhere else. The fact that this company cared so much about my project and wanted it to look it’s best meant so much to me.

Is there anything you wish had been different?

There is nothing that I would have wished to have been different. To see the final results of your project is such a great feeling and I thank Publishing Xpress for their dedicated work and excellent customer service!

More Information on Color Perfect Bound Book Printing:

If you would like to see more of Maxwell Moosington’s adventures, check out his Facebook page!

Check out our online pricing calculators when you’re ready to print your book.

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