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Color Graphic Novel: Spotlight on Nighthawk and Little Elk

Ann O'Brien

Ann O'Brien

June 4, 2022

TaleFeather Publishing is a small on-reserve publisher in Canada that publishes educational materials in Indigenous languages. Their latest book, Nighthawk and Little Elk, is a color graphic novel written and illustrated by Eelonqa K. Harris. Printed in several languages, the book is “designed to inspire, foster conversation, and educate.”

Color Graphic Novel Printing for TaleFeather Publishing

The story of Nighthawk and Little Elk is told through photographs of 12-inch tall, handcrafted avatars. Each avatar was made with a 3D printer and has its own hair, clothing, and accessories. Eelonqa K. Harris posed the avatars around her neighborhood and took photographs of them to capture the story.

She then arranged those photos on the page, bringing them to life with fun, colorful captions, dialogue, and more. Nighthawk and Little Elk wonderfully showcases Eelonqa’s artistic talents, passion for storytelling, and Indigenous culture.

Color Graphic Novel Printing Project Specs

Paper: #70 Gloss Text
Cover: #100 Gloss Cover, Gloss Lamination
Ink: Color
Size: 8.5 x 11
Binding: Perfect Bound

Client Review for Color Graphic Novel Project

Why did you choose Publishing Xpress?
We found you online and decided to give you a try because of your low minimum quantity. We then decided to go with a higher quantity, because your free shipping offer was a really good deal.

How was your experience with Publishing Xpress?
Because our subject matter is so specialized, we do not require a large quantity of books in stock. Recently we have become disenchanted with Amazon’s print on demand program because the quality of the printing was not satisfactory, and many languages are “not supported” because of unreasonable deductions and unwanted advertising.

How do you feel about the quality and timeliness of your project?
The final product was amazing. You are the first printer we have ever worked with who actually listened. Our instructions were followed to a T and your service was prompt and flawless.

Is there anything you wish had been different?
You are across the border and do not ship to Canada, but your work is worth the trouble of importing.

More Information on the Nighthawk and Little Elk Printing Project

To see more of Eelonqa’s work or get in contact, visit her Facebook page at:

If you’d like to print a graphic novel or other book with Publishing Xpress, check out our online pricing calculators.

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