Color Children's Storybook Printing: Spotlight on The Fish That Woke Up

Color Children’s Storybook Printing: Spotlight on The Fish That Woke Up

Salmaan Ahmad

Salmaan Ahmad

June 12, 2015

Normally we would go ahead and give our readers a brief about the awesome client we feature, but today, our awesome client — Judith Merwald — has provided her story of her experience printing her color children’s storybook printing project with Publishing Xpress from start to finish, which really shows just how awesome our client really is. J

With that being said, before sharing the author’s feedback, we just want to share what we loved about this color children’s storybook printing project.

Color Children’s Storybook Printing for Judith Merwald

Though Publishing Xpress does not do any graphic design work, we still take great appreciation in illustrations that are printed and bound by us. This color children’s storybook printing project featured simple and light colored illustrations paired with more text. The text was set in a very legible black font, which is truly the best option because no other color seems to be as suitable to the eye as black when reading.

There were no harsh colors on the background, so cutting and binding was made easy for us here. We did not have to worry about colors not bleeding and/or text being too close to the edges of the pages with the risk of getting cut off.

Because the overall design of the book was so simple and clean, having the glossy paper definitely added a little something extra, ultimately giving the final product a flawless look and feel.

Specs for Color Children’s Storybook Printing

  • 8 1/2 x 11
  • 100 lb. Gloss Cover
  • 100 lb. Gloss Text
  • Perfect binding
  • 24 pages

Client Feedback on Color Children’s Storybook Printing

How we selected your company

Actually, my daughter (and illustrator), Kathy, found you on line. I had been working on this book for a long time and finally decided I should get it printed while some of the children of the people mentioned in this true story were still alive to enjoy it. I had been corresponding with several publishing companies for over a year and had even given one a deposit. I was never sure of what to do and my daughter’s arrival from Brazil with the illustrations created some urgency for me.

Several factors caused Kathy to go on line and find you—Publishing Xpress. The most pressing was that we were going to be visiting in Chicago where the story happened and I had cousins there who would be very interested.

Secondly, the other companies I corresponded with insisted they use their own illustrators and it was important to me that my daughter be involved in this book and do the illustrations.

Thirdly, although the price was somewhat comparable to yours, the promise of the other companies that they…”would give me five free copies of my book,” made me realize that I would have to buy my own books from those companies and I didn’t want to do that! With your company, ALL the books would be mine to give or sell and that is what I wanted.

In my dealing with other companies, I realized that they did not promote the books, but that I had to do all that. Since I don’t think there is a wide market for this book, I was not interested in doing that. So, in the end, it was just much easier to deal with your company.

My experience with Publishing Xpress for color children’s storybook printing

When Kathy pushed me to follow through on this, we did involve her husband who is better on the computer than we are, and also at one point had a graphic artist friend of theirs in Brazil working on the cover and making it the soft blue we wanted. Other friends who are far more “techy” than I am helped me do various things. I called them “My literary team.”

When we thought it was ready, we sent it to your company and they sent us two copies of the book immediately for approval   We made a few changes, received a copy back immediately by e-mail, made another correction and sent that in. We put a “rush on the books” and they arrived in plenty of time for us to have a “book launching” with a number of cousins and siblings and it was a GREAT HIT! So thanks for making it all happen so fast.

All the rest…

Our experience with your company was extremely positive and it arrived well in time for our “launching.”

Yes, we are all very pleased with the quality of work and yes, we would be glad to use your company again and recommend it to others.

So, I thank you again for your company’s work and prompt help in making this happen.

More Information

For more information on color children’s storybook printing, click right here and don’t forget to check out our many 5-star Google reviews! If you’re looking to print a color children’s storybook printing project, you’ve come to the right place.

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