Color Calendar Printing: Spotlight on Tampa Bay Aquarium Society

Color Calendar Printing: Spotlight on Tampa Bay Aquarium Society

Salmaan Ahmad

Salmaan Ahmad

November 29, 2013

Check out this color calendar printing project. Okay ladies and gentlemen…the new year is fast approaching, I’m talking a little over four weeks to go! Our client Tampa Bay Aquarium Society [TBAS] is ready though. They have already taken steps to prep for the New Year by ordering new colorful calendars with Publishing Xpress!

The Tampa Bay Aquarium Society is a non-profit organization comprised of fish keepers and hobbyists who promote the hobby, education, and conservation of the aquatic environment. This society is quite the active group with their monthly meetings featuring guest speakers, bowl shows, and auctions. No wonder they ordered their calendars early! ☺

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Color Calendar Printing for Tampa Bay Aquarium Society

The color calendar printing project that Publishing Xpress printed for TBAS was sized at 8.5×11 — landscape format. TBAS chose a plastic coil binding with 100# Gloss Text stock for the inside pages and 100# Gloss Cover stock.  This paper and binding selection was perfect, because the weight of the paper combined with the plastic coil really helps sit the calendar on the wall nice and flush. Another common binding for calendars is saddle-stitch, but we find that those do not sit on the wall as flat.

The pictures of the fish look glossy and the colors truly pop. We have to give some credit to the fish for having such unique patterns and beautiful colors on their scales. ☺ Overall, this color calendar printing project feels sturdy and high quality. TBAS also requested us to punch a little hole on the opposite side of the binding, for hanging purposes.

NOTE: Publishing Xpress will gladly punch holes in your print order at no additional charge. However, Publishing Xpress will not make the assumption that our client wants a specific feature like a hole punch on their product, unless it is noted in special instructions when placing the order, or conveyed through email.

For more information on our color calendar printing, click here.

More Information on this Color Calendar Printing Project

Tampa Bay Aquarium Society said another one of our customers recommended Publishing Xpress to them. How nice! Thank you always to our loyal clients!

TBAS found their experience with Publishing Xpress to be ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS . .  courteous, respectful, prompt!!!” And said the quality of print for their product was “beyond their wildest hopes!”

We are ecstatic to know our client was thoroughly pleased. TBAS plans to use Publishing Xpress for their next calendar order as well.

If you would like more information about Tampa Bay Aquarium Society, please check out its website at: http://

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Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

We are always thankful for all of our clients – past, present, and future!

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