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Charity Printing: 5 Outstanding Digital Examples

Ann O'Brien

Ann O'Brien

September 14, 2023

How does digital charity printing help with your organization’s objectives? Charitable organizations walk a fine line between solicitation, advertising, and gratitude in order to be successful in helping others as well as sustaining their own good work. But each of these job functions requires a high level of communication with clients, donors, supporters and the community to keep all of the moving parts of a charity working smoothly.

The Power of Charity Printing

One of the easiest ways charities stay in touch is with charity printing projects that help them put their best foot forward at events and activities. Leveraging the power of charity printing can bring your charitable cause positive attention, help you connect with key community members and businesses, and create opportunities to reach new supporters. Take a look at these five easy charity printing examples that your organization can use right now that will help you elevate your cause, meet your goals, and look fantastic doing it.

1. Banners

Whether you are hosting a large gathering of donors, advertising your organization’s purpose to potential new supporters, or organizing an event for your charity’s beneficiaries, a banner is the ideal charity printing project to communicate the activity in style. Roller banners are a popular way to create a free-standing sign that your group can use anywhere, and full-color printing, graphics, and photos all look fantastic on an oversized charity printing project like this.

Banners can help your organization mark an entrance to an event or activity while providing information to your guests, and when they include evergreen content, these durable printed banners can be used again and again.

Banners offer ideal branding opportunities for charities as well. Since banners can be made in a variety of sizes, they can be created to provide plenty of space for a charitable organization to include its brand or even the organization’s mission statement.

For groups that don’t need an oversized banner, smaller posters are often printed instead. Printed on recyclable materials, posters are an excellent choice over banners for groups with changing needs or who don’t want to reuse the project in the future.

2. Brochures

Another one of our charity printing examples your group can use right now is a brochure. These printed projects can pack a lot of information into a creatively designed space. Brochures can be created in two styles: using a single sheet of paper that is folded up to three times, and a brochure that is designed with multiple pages.

Folded Brochure: Using one page, a folded brochure is created by blocking out the content into easily readable groupings when it is folded one, two or three times. Folded brochures are a good option to use for charity printing because they are inexpensive to make, easy to store and very lightweight so the mailing costs are very low. Creating a folded brochure is fairly simple to do with a template that organizes content into easy-to-read sections that are predesigned to work with folded areas.

Multi-Page Brochure: Unlike a folded brochure, a multi-page brochure looks more like a booklet with a front and back cover encompassing several interior pages. This type of brochure is ideal for lengthier charity content as the pages can be added or subtracted easily, and the saddle stitch binding process gives the multi-page brochure a professional appearance.

Many organizations use a multi-page brochure to provide an overview of their projects or offerings since the length of the brochure can be easily adjusted. This type of project also works well as an event or organization program that might be held on to as a keepsake, especially when a heavier-weight cover material is utilized.

3. Business Cards

Every volunteer, board member, or worker representing a charitable group should be able to provide contact information at a moment’s notice to community members, potential donors, or supporters. And the most convenient way to do that is with charity printing that includes business cards.

Some organizations create branded business cards that any charity volunteer can use, choosing to omit personal contact information on the card in place of the organization’s brand, key names, and contact information, a mission statement or even a QR code that links directly to the group’s website, donor page, or an informational landing page. These indispensable communication tools are relatively inexpensive to print, and they can be carried by just about anyone in an organization, making them potentially the first line of communication between the charity and those who might benefit from the cause or other potential supporters.

Charities also like to include business cards in donation goodie bags, as a leave-behind at areas around town where potential clients or donors might frequent as well as part of all formal communication with other community entities.

4. Leaflets and Flyers

When a charity needs to provide information in a simple and straightforward manner, leaflet and flyer charity printing is the best way to do that. These single-page communications are quick to design and can be printed and distributed with any type of content. Leaflets and flyers are perfect for handing out at meetings or gatherings as well as for providing instructions or details to volunteers or potential supporters.

This type of charity printing project really stands out when designed with bold graphics, eye-catching colors, and even beautiful photographs. Highly versatile, flyers and leaflets can be created for just about any purpose, and they can be a very economical choice for charitable organizations since they are a relatively low-cost charity printing option to add to a communication tool kit.

Many groups choose to create evergreen content on leaflets or flyers to further save the printing budget since they are easy to store and lightweight, making them a great choice to add to mailed communications.

5. Postcards

The last must-do communication tool in our charity printing examples list is the humble postcard.

  • Once relegated to sales and throw-away advertising, postcards are the ideal way to snag a recipient’s attention by standing out from the increasingly digital crowd. Consumers, potential supporters, and community members appreciate receiving a few selected physical mailers in today’s seemingly never-ending onslaught of digital communication, and a postcard is an inexpensive way to connect with the community in a tangible way.
  • Bright colors and strong branding are very effective on postcards, making them a perfect vehicle to increase brand awareness in the community. And using weightier materials or adding a gloss or matte finish to the postcard can enhance photos and graphics, helping to draw the recipient’s attention to the postcard.
  • A postcard’s attractive bulk mail pricing makes them a great communication choice when the budget is tight.
  • Many charitable groups use postcards to announce new staff or board members and alert the community to upcoming events, donation drives, or activities put on by the charity.
  • Linking more information by including a QR code is an easy way to extend the usefulness of these relatively small cards and some organizations even use this strategy in place of formal RSVPs when planning for community events.

Extend the Reach of Your Charity with Print

The needs of a charity grow as the organization changes, grows, and reaches more people, groups, or places with the results of their work. Everything from thank you notes to formal letterhead is needed to keep this type of organization running smoothly.

Often volunteers and board members are working so diligently at accomplishing the group’s mission that seeking new and effective ways to communicate with the community may not end up on the next meeting’s agenda.

But by partnering with a trusted printing company like Publishing Xpress, your charity can take advantage of five easy and effective types of print projects that will help you reach your fundraising efforts, stay in touch with the community, and develop meaningful outreach communications to help you and your group continue your admirable work in the world.

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