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Benefits of Business Book Publishing

Ann O'Brien

Ann O'Brien

June 9, 2022

Becoming a published author may not be at the top of your things to do, but the truth is that creating a business book can be an excellent move for you professionally. Experts or specialists, artists, and business owners and industries are some of the people that have utilized the power of print to their benefit by creating and self-publishing a business book. Let’s look at how business book publishing can benefit your business, how to use and distribute the book as well as how to get started on one for yourself.

Do You Need a Business Book?

With the digital world we live in today, many professionals may not see the need for a print book. But having a physical copy of a well-designed business book that shows off your skills, experience, projects, or knowledge is a fantastic way to keep you, your brand, your company, and your abilities at the forefront of your current or potential customer’s minds. Some professions that would highly benefit from a personalized business book may be:

  • Artists: A book can present your work to clients in a tangible way. You can explain the details behind your work, provide creation or inspiration information, or even sales prices or locations where work can be viewed. Accolades and a resume of education and work can be included, too.
  • Business Owners: Small, medium, and large businesses can all benefit from a well-designed book that presents the company’s core values, client base, product or service details, and company story.
  • Consultants: Anyone who works independently may find it difficult to present their large knowledge base to potential customers. A business book that presents their niche of expertise, past experience, and potential job applications of their specialized knowledge can be invaluable to a consultant.
  • Doctors or Specialized Medical Professionals: Presenting all necessary qualifications and certifications, as well as experience in specialized areas of medicine, is an easy way to present your practice to potential customers.
  • Freelancers: A compilation of work, past clients, expertise, and examples of types of products to show potential clients are all excellent content for a professional book for a freelancer of any type.
  • Lawyers: The legal community is becoming increasingly crowded, but standing out as a lawyer is a little easier with a personalized publication showcasing your education, legal experience, and affiliations you have attained in your career.
  • Specialized Professions: If you have a specialized experience or knowledge base, then a professional book can benefit you by showing off your niche know-how to potential customers or clients by delving into what makes your brand unique.

What to Include in Your Book

What you choose to include in your business book depends on how you plan to use it. But every book should focus on presenting you, the company, or the brand visually and through the text as completely as possible. Make sure that the content included in the book is evergreen and does not age or become out of date easily. Company or personal history, verifiable experience or educational background, accolades or honors earned, and examples of work or client jobs are all excellent inclusions in a business book.

Benefits of Business Book Publishing

Publishing a book about you, your work, your business, or your skills creates a plethora of benefits for you and your personal or corporate brand. The book can be used to provide information about you or your company to clients and future or potential clients by giving them something tangible to keep as a reminder or to pass on to others who may not be knowledgeable about what you have to offer.


One of the best benefits of a professional self-published business book is its use as a marketing tool. Presenting a book to potential clients provides them with visual and written information about you or your business. The look and feel of your brand can be conveyed with the book as long as it is on the bookshelf and its evergreen content will make the book relevant even longer. Sending the book to past clients as a thank you, offering books to influential businesses or individuals, or donating copies to associated organizations or businesses all are possible ways to leverage a professional book’s marketing benefits.

Brand Awareness

A professional book is an excellent method of creating strong brand awareness for both companies and individuals. Anyone that picks up the book should learn about the brand, what it stands for, and how it came about.

Explanation of Services or Product

A book about your business can explain what your business makes, produces, sells, or services you provide. Explanations or visuals of the product or service can help contextualize the business for potential customers.

Selling Your Business Book

While giving away copies of your business book for marketing or sales purposes is an excellent idea, so is selling your book. Other than retail outlets, there are plenty of ways to build excitement around your publication that will lead to sales opportunities.


Your business profile on LinkedIn is a perfect place to launch your book, especially if you already use the bustling business platform. Promoting your book will increase your credibility within your industry as an expert, and you can use snippets of the book as quotes, in reference to past work or as an example of testimonials. Use a LinkedIn post about your book as a call to action to connect with you, ask your community questions to increase interaction, or create an article to post that comes from your book content.

Social Media

All other forms of social media are also opportunities to connect your community with your book. Create a username with your book’s title or other key terms and use that account to promote not only the book but also you, your company, the brand, or your services. Then post short videos of your content on Instagram or Twitter, create a short poll on Twitter or on Instagram stories to gain follower interaction. Or link a personal post on Facebook or another platform that talks about the book’s meaningfulness. Follow similar accounts within your industry and up your interactions with them as this may encourage them to discuss your book on their accounts, too.

Online Content Strategy Component

Many companies and professionals also create an intentional online presence that includes a personal or corporate website. This is a great place to link up your business book for sale, write compelling content about it, and increase interest in it for potential customers or clients. Don’t forget to link all of your social media here as well to increase engagement on those platforms, which in turn can also lead to more exposure as well as sales.

Product Bundles

Lastly, remember you can offer your business book as a product bundle when a customer purchases another product, service, or grouping of anything. While the price per book may be less when it is part of a promotion, having your name and business in their hands in the form of a well-designed book indefinitely is hard to put a price on.

Business Book Publishing Process

Making a book for yourself or your company can be a worthwhile endeavor, but there are a few more details to consider while you are getting your business book ready for publication and distribution.

  • You can start with a free template to help you formulate the structure of the book.
  • Decide how you want your book to be bound by the publisher as well as the overall size you want the book to be. Perfect Bound books have a very professional appearance and you can create an eye-catching cover, spine, and back cover design to make them stand out.
  • Be sure to choose full-color pictures or graphics for the front and back covers as well as the inside of your book. Get cover design assistance if you need it, because the cover should be an excellent representation of you, your brand, your industry, or your services.
  • Always use 300 dpi photographs and scalable (vector) graphics for high-resolution visuals in your book.
  • Make sure you work with a respected self-publishing company like Publishing Xpress to ensure that your business book publishing process goes smoothly and the final product is a book you will be proud of for years to come. Ask questions about the publishing stage and make sure you understand exactly what your book publication will look like.
  • Determine how many copies of your book you want to order and create a plan for distributing them once they arrive.
  • You can also begin developing social media posts to create excitement about your upcoming publication as well as tie them into your business’s focus.

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