Creative Book Printing Ideas for Kids

Creative Book Printing Ideas for Kids

Salmaan Ahmad

Salmaan Ahmad

February 2, 2016

You don’t have to visit the library or bookstore to find great kids’ books and reading material for the child in your life. You’d be surprised at what you can create if you’ve got a camera, black pen, old photos, or love of words or color.

Children are the most creative bunch we know, so you most likely have a budding storyteller or artist that will happily be your partner in kid’s book-printing crime. Keep reading for our favorite book printing ideas for kids. Psst—these make amazing holiday gifts for family and close acquaintances or even goodie bag fillers for birthday parties.

Great Book Printing Ideas For Kids

Book Printing Ideas for Kids: Coloring Books

Drawing figures, letters, and shapes for a personalized coloring book is perhaps one of the most fun and unique book printing ideas for kids. Imagine your kiddo’s excitement at coloring his/her own drawings or maybe even contributions from you or other family members.

As long as you have a working pen or even a desktop design program that creates shapes, the sky’s the limit. We love this idea as gifts for large families full of children, birthday party giveaways, and teachers looking for unique classroom projects.

Book Printing Ideas for Kids: Storybooks

We all know kids LOVE to tell stories—some taller than others ; ) Collaborating with them on a children’s book (or even encouraging them to go solo) can be a great way to follow up on story time by encouraging them to author their own unique storybook. After all, writing is such a huge component to education, especially as kids move into secondary school or college. Why not instill a passion for writing along with a love of reading?

Once they have a character or plot idea in mind, you can encourage them to expand from there, adding drawings along the way. Or, if they have an artistic sibling, grandparent, or friend, this might be a great way to get others in on the fun by providing illustrations to go along with your child’s story. What an amazing way to capture your child’s imagination and cherish it long after he/she is grown.Shel Silverstein, step aside!

Book Printing Ideas for Kids: Scrapbooks

Depending on his/her developmental stage, there’s a good chance that your kiddo finds his/her own life to be a fascinating topic. Kids love to learn about their younger selves and see photos from their baby and toddler years. This book printing idea for kids doesn’t even have to be a huge undertaking; you can focus on a single year, vacation, or even a theme like birthdays or specific hobbies.

Traditional scrapbooks are limiting in many ways: preserving them is tricky and the embellishments tend to fall away or discolor over time. Plus, there’s no way to make copies and share with loved ones. A digital scrapbook is far easier to preserve over time, and even better, you can make multiple copies for gifts!

Book Printing Ideas for Kids: Holiday Cards

There’s no reason to purchase boxed cards or feel restricted to the limited designs and layouts available at your local pharmacy’s photo counter when you can use your child’s artwork, photos, or words to design your own! Preserving your child’s imagination on card stock makes fun, memorable holiday cards for friends and family that they can hold onto for years to come. And the possibilities are endless.

Book Printing Ideas for Kids: Poetry

This could be an incredibly fun and memorable book printing project for your child writer up-and-coming Shakespeare. Why not incorporate you kiddo’s love of words, rhyming, or even rhythm into a book of haikus, limericks, or diamantes? You and your budding writer don’t have to be prolific poets to put together a poetry book—we print booklets starting with just 8 pages. Or, you can turn one or two poems into a neat set of postcards or posters.

Book Printing Ideas for Kids: Family History Books

Collaborating on a family history book is a great way to encourage preteens or teens to explore their roots while bonding with them. You might be surprised how much curiosity your son or daughter has about older or former family members’ lives. We can’t think of a better way to encourage him/her to connect with grandparents, great-grandparents, and aunts and uncles.

Your family history book could include a family tree, Q & A’s, feature stories, photos, timelines…even old letters, images of collectibles, or cherished recipes. Plus, as opposed to an ancestry website, you’ve got a memorable book or booklet to pass out at your next family reunion that will not only be oohed and ahhed over, but also passed on for generations to come.

Kids Printing Project Design Solutions

At Publishing Xpress, we don’t have a lot of rules when it comes to designing book printing ideas for kids. You are free to use any design program of your choice and it doesn’t have to be on fancy or expensive software. In fact, there are several free-to-low-cost options online like Canva that are surprisingly user friendly.

We have many clients who even use Microsoft Word. As long as you can convert your kid’s book project to a PDF file, you’re good to go. Just don’t forget to include a bleed.

Sizing, Orientation, and Binding For Your Kid’s Book

Perhaps the best part of conceptualizing your own book printing ideas for kids is the variety of choices you have when it comes to size, layout, and binding type, creating a customized project that’s truly personal and unique.

For example, while your poetry book might be a smaller 5 x 7 ½ saddle stitch bound project, you might decide to go with a square 9 x 9 with coil binding for a coloring book that accommodates your drawings and lays flat for ease of use.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to orientation and size. At Publishing Xpress, we print all sorts of projects, starting at a 5-inch height. Even better, if you need more than our minimum order of 25 copies, we print the rest of your order in increments of one, so you never have to purchase more than what you need.

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