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Print Popularity: Why Print Is Thriving in a Digital Age

Will print popularity continue in this digital age? Digital content is everywhere you look, from advertising to online media to e-books and virtual publications. But just because it is becoming more prevalent every year, does that mean that consumers prefer … Continue reading »

Print Magazine Readership: How Popular Are Printed Magazines?

Is print magazine readership still high? How often do you read printed magazine? Although magazines don’t hold the storied place in news coverage they once did, they are still a source of information and inspiration for many readers, helping keep … Continue reading »

Printed Magazines Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

What’s old is new again…printed magazines are on the move! In a time when blogging, short-form digital blasts, web articles, and social media have become the norm, publishers and brands are rethinking their strategies by using print as a “new … Continue reading »