creating-pdf-filesCreating PDF files is the best way to submit files for printing. High-resolution PDF files with fonts embedded is the best option for printing files. With this file type, fonts and graphics are embedded so that the file is similar to a photograph. There is no problem with us not having the proper fonts (as long as the fonts are embedded in the PDF) or that graphic elements or fonts will shift on the page. This is often a problem when native files are opened on different computers.

When creating PDF files, make sure that you create a high-resolution file (300 dpi) with fonts embedded.  Also, don’t forget to include bleeds and crop marks on the PDF file and to set the color formatting to CMYK.

Creating PDF Files: Mac vs. PC

If you use a Macintosh computer, almost all programs have PDF creation abilities built into them. Creating PDF files is generally very easy with Mac computers.

Creating PDF files is often more difficult on PCs. However, there are several free programs that will allow you to convert a file to a PDF file. One option can be found at: and use their free PDF converter. This website allows you to select a file from your computer, convert it to a PDF, and then email the converted file.

After creating PDF files, it is important to go through the PDF page by page, verifying that all pages have converted as you expected them to. This is an extremely important step, since sometimes your pages can repaginate or graphics do not display as expected. To prevent errors in the printing process, please review your files carefully before sending them to us.

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