Whether you’re looking to print a school planner for children at your school or a planner to organize adults’ lives, you’ve come to the right place. At Publishing Xpress, we can help you with your planner printing or school planner printing projects to keep all those lives organized.

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Publishing Xpress is an experienced and professional planner printing company — we have printed hundreds of planners for schools, families, organizations, and authors. We have all the printing options you need to get your planner published just the way you want it. Our online calculators can give you an instant quote on your printing project:

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Tips for Your Planner Printing Project

Consider these tips when preparing your planner printing project:

  • Decide on a binding style for your planner. We offer perfect binding, plastic coil, wire-o, and saddle stitch. Planners typically have a lot of pages, and users will be writing in them over the course of 3 months to a year. Since you can only have 80 pages in a saddle stitch book, that option doesn’t usually work well with planners. Perfect binding can work, but since the user will be writing in it a lot, there is a chance that the binding will fall apart with heavy usage. Thus, we typically recommend plastic coil or wire-o binding for planners. Both options allow the user to lay the planner down flat and write in it. The binding also stands up to heavy usage. Wire-o binding is often perceived as being more professional and formal than plastic coil. But if children will be using the planner, you probably want to use plastic coil since wire-o can have sharp edges.
  • To add durability to your planner, select a heavy cover stock. The heaviest covers we offer for plastic coil and wire-o binding are 120# and 16 pt. You can also add lamination to the cover for a little more thickness and some protection. Gloss lamination really makes the colors pop, while soft-touch lamination has a velvety feel to it. You can also add a clear plastic cover to the front and a colored plastic cover to the back. One option we think looks really nice is to have a laminated front cover and a colored plastic cover on the back.
  • Consider what paper you want to use on the inside pages. Since users will be writing in the planners, we recommend 60# or 70# uncoated text. If you want to go with a heavier text, you should look at our 80# or 100# matte text stock. Don’t go with gloss, because it will easily smear when written on. To see our paper stocks for yourself, order our free sample packet. Not only will we send you samples of our four binding styles (perfect bound, plastic coil, saddle stitch, and wire-o), but the plastic coil book has samples of all of our papers and examples of gloss and soft-touch lamination. It’s a great resource for making decisions on how you want your planners printed.
  • If you are preparing a school planner printing project, consider selling advertisements. You might also want to sell advertisements if your planner will be given to people for free. If you are selling your planner, you probably don’t want to add advertisements. The advertisements can be placed at the back of the planner, so they aren’t as noticeable. Or you can spread them throughout the planner, typically at a higher cost.
  • Before you finalize the layout of your planner or school planner, review other similar planners. While you won’t want to copy another planner exactly, you might find items that you forgot to include in your planner or that you never thought about. What do you like about the planners that appeal to you? How do they divide the different sections of their planners? What visual elements to they include in the planners? Do they use photographs or illustrations? Are the inside pages color or black and white?
  • “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” While we’ve all heard that saying, for the most part, it isn’t true. People do judge a book by its cover. And the cover is the first impression that someone has of your planner. You want it to be a stellar first impression. If you don’t feel up to the task of designing the cover yourself, consider letting Publishing Xpress do it. For only $100, our designer will get basic information from you about what you would like included on the cover, including any graphics. They’ll put together a professional design and email it to you to review. You get two rounds of revisions with the $100 fee. Additional revisions after the two free ones are only $25 per round. It’s a great deal to get a professionally designed cover for your planner or school planner.
  • Not sure you’ll be happy with the selections you made for your printed planners? If you have time, consider getting a hard copy press proof. We’ll print and bind your planner exactly as you ordered it, so you can see exactly how your finished planners will look. If you’re not happy with anything, you can make changes to your file or to your printing options. If you make a lot of changes and want to see another hard copy press proof, you can do that as well. The cost of a press proof is $60 if it is sent via UPS ground service or $100 if sent via UPS overnight service.

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Interested in learning more about planner self-publishing and school planner printing? Our client service representatives can answer your questions and guide you to the best options for your planner printing project. You can reach us at 1-877-977-3779, email us at help@publishingxpress.com, or chat online (our chat feature is in the lower right corner on every page of our website). Or take a look at some of our other book printing ideas.

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