At Publishing Xpress, you can easily (and affordably) print a custom memory book printing project or photo book printing project online. Create one-of-a-kind baby books for girls or boys. Preserve precious moments in a wedding book. Or freeze in time those important class photos in a school book. Memory and photo book printing projects will be remembered and enjoyed for years to come.

Memory Book Printing Services

Our client service representatives are here to help — so you can print a memory book printing project that has the just-right look and feel you want. In addition to a minimum order quantity of only 25 copies, you can choose from a range of printing options, including:

  • Size (standard sizes are 5½ x 8½, 6 x 9, 8½ x 11, and 9 x 12, but we can print any size up to 9 x 12). When ordering a nonstandard size, just select the next largest available size. For instance, if you want a 7 x 10 inch boo, you would select the 8½ x 11 option.
  • Full color or black and white printing of pages
  • Paper stock, numerous options for both text and cover stock
  • Lamination of covers, with options for gloss, soft touch, leather, or linen lamination
  • Four binding styles, including perfect bound, saddle stitched, wire-o, and plastic coil

Our online calculators can give you an instant quote on your printing project:

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Memory and Photo Book Resources

Looking for inspiration as you put together your memory or photo book?  Then you might want to take a look at this article on 10 tips for creating your first memory book and this article on 5 top tips for designing a photo book layout. Both articles contain helpful hints for designing your memory or photo book.

Or you might want to check out our client Spotlight that details the specifications for a client printing project as well as the client’s comments on working with Publishing Xpress.

Tips for Your Memory Book Printing Project

As you prepare your memory book printing project, keep these tips in mind:

  • Determine which binding option you want to use for your book. We offer four options — perfect bound, plastic coil, saddle stitch, and wire-o. While most memory books are printed as perfect bound books, we have also printed some using the other three binding options. Be aware that we don’t offer hard cover books, just soft cover.
  • Memory and photo books have tons of pictures. Making sure they are in a format that will print well is very important. The photos should be high resolution (at least 300 dpi) and in CMYK (cyan-magenta-yellow-black) color profile. Most photographs taken by cameras and cell phones are in an RGB (red-green-blue) color profile. Since printing presses print in CMYK, the printing machine will convert from RGB to CMYK. However, sometimes that can result in unintended color shifts in the photos. It is better if you convert the color profile yourself. If you printed photos that you want included, it is best to use a service that can professionally scan them to digital files. Taking a picture of a picture or using a home scanner typically won’t result in high-quality pictures.
  • Be careful of spreading photos across two pages. With perfect binding, some of the edge of the paper will get caught in the spine of the book. With plastic coil and wire-0 binding, the bound side of the book will be punched. You never want to put a person’s face exactly in the middle of a spread. If an eye, nose, or mouth is directly in the center, the photo will look distorted. Even with saddle stitch books, the pages can shift slightly up or down, making a face look distorted. It is better to shift the face to the left or right of center. Since other body parts typically aren’t a focal point in a photo, most people won’t notice if anything other than the face is slightly distorted.
  • Decide on paper stocks for your memory book printing project. Since the book will be so photo heavy, use a heavy text weight stock for the inside pages. We would recommend 100# gloss or matte text stock. For the cover, we would recommend using 100# cover stock for perfect bound or saddle stitch books, and 120# or 16 pt. cover stock for plastic coil or wire-o books. To see samples of our paper stocks, request our free sample packet. The plastic coil book contains samples of all of our paper stocks as well as samples of gloss and soft touch lamination. Most people find it very helpful when making decisions about printing their books.
  • Consider laminating the covers of your memory book printing project. We can laminate covers for perfect bound, plastic coil, and wire-o books. Saddle stitch covers can’t be laminated. Lamination adds a little thickness and durability to the covers. Gloss lamination really makes the colors on the cover pop, while soft-touch lamination has a very velvety feel to it.
  • Before you start designing your memory book printing project or photo book, browse through other books that you like. What do you like about the books? How are photos displayed? How much text is included in the book? Is the book divided in chapters? You don’t have to copy another book design exactly, but there may be other elements in these books that you want to carry over to your book.
  • Our minimum print quantity is 25 books for your memory book printing project. You might think you will only need one or two copies of the book. But upon reflection, you might find that there are several more people that you can distribute the book to. If it is a book with lots of family photos in it, almost everyone in the family would probably like a copy of the book. And with our reasonable pricing, 25 copies won’t cost that much more than a few copies from another printing company.

Our Specialty: Print Memory Book Printing Projects

Publishing Xpress can print your most memorable memory book printing projects into a unique photo book. If you have questions about your custom memory book or want to get started on your project, just call 1-877-977-3779 today, email us at, or chat online (our online chat is in the bottom right corner of every page on our website)! If you are thinking about a different type of book printing project, you might want to check out our other book printing ideas.

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