One of the best ways to share your creative ideas with others is by designing a beautiful print magazine. You can put your vision in writing, include appropriate photos and choose a quality magazine printing solution. In this article, we are going to share some really useful magazine printing tips with you in order to help you make a fabulous looking magazine!

If this is your first magazine, you’ll need to take care of some essential things before you start the design process. One of the most essential steps is to choose an appropriate target audience so that you can build your magazine around a specific theme. Keep in mind that magazines usually target a specific audience, such as people fond of gardening, home décor, wedding ideas, or some other topic.

Another essential magazine printing tips is to decide whether your magazine is going to be a single publication (stand-alone) or part of a series. If you go for a magazine series, make sure to expand your theme in order to keep your target audience interested.

Once you determine your wider theme, it is easy to decide on the main title of your magazine. Make sure the title is eye-catching and easy to remember. Also, it is good to avoid title ideas that are longer than two words.

If you go for a single publication, your main task is to tie the magazine content together. The content needs to be closely related since we are talking about one magazine issue. Even if you decide on a single issue, we suggest you use a short title for your cover. From a design point of view, short titles are always easier to deal with.

5 Useful Magazine Printing Tips to Design an Awesome Magazine

In order to design a beautiful magazine, you will probably have to deal with several challenges throughout the process. Designing is not only about the magazine cover – it’s about the content of the magazine as well. It is about choosing interesting text, the right text size, fonts, column width, and much more, and all of this before you even start planning the magazine printing process.

Magazine Printing Tips: 1. Make a Good Impression with a Great Cover Photo

Your magazine cover is the first thing people will see. Most of them will decide to get a copy only because they like what they see on the cover. For this reason alone, it’s good to make sure that your magazine cover leaves a strong first impression. A great photo on your magazine cover can do wonders for your magazine sales. So, it’s well worth the effort to pick the best one you can get.

Besides grabbing people’s attention, your cover photo needs to show a story related to your content. Try to pick a cover which points to the most interesting story in the magazine. You should also try to use colors that are pleasant to look at. The most important thing is to get your cover photo in high quality and in the appropriate resolution, before the magazine printing process starts.

Headlines are the second thing your potential readers will notice. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to the text colors you are going to use. Most magazine editors tend to avoid green, black, and white. However, the contrast between the colors is more important, so make sure the text stands out from the background.

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Magazine Printing Tips: 2. Define the Magazine Layout

Just like everywhere else, planning is the key to designing a beautiful magazine. When it comes to magazine design, planning involves creating grids as a frame for your layout. Grids will help you keep a consistent design and maintain the general aesthetics of the magazine.

You need to support the consistency of the general design by using consistent fonts and text styles. The page numbering is important, too. Aside from the position of your page numbering, you should ensure your magazine is even-numbered (cover page included). This way, you’ll avoid having a blank page.

Magazine Printing Tips: 3. Don’t Stuff the Magazine Pages

One of the more important magazine printing tips is that stuffing your magazine pages with content or photos is something you should avoid. Leaving some page areas blank may seem like a waste, but it’s actually clever. Remember that your readers should enjoy every page of your magazine, without feeling overwhelmed. This is how you get them to look for more content on the pages that follow.

Try placing the textual content halfway on the right or down the page, while leaving some space for a great photo on the left or on the top. Do not hesitate to try different content and photo combinations before you make your final decision.

Magazine Printing Tips: 4. Don’t Get Close to the Page Edges

This is one of the most important magazine printing tips. Some magazines have their page layouts too close to the edge of the pages. However, this decision comes with two unwanted risks. The first risk is that it opens up a possibility to end up with stuffed pages because you’ll have a lot of space to fill in. And, as we have already established, page stuffing is bad for your magazine.

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The second risk of having your page layout close to the edge of the pages is much more dangerous — actual text may end up being cut off during the magazine printing process. We probably don’t need to explain how much you want to avoid this scenario. It’s best if you leave about a quarter-inch or a half-inch page margin. It’s safe, and it will make your magazine look professional.

Magazine Printing Tips: 5. Ensure Quality Magazine Printing

One of the important magazine printing tips is all your efforts in creating a flawless magazine will go to waste if you don’t consider the printing issue carefully. There are many crucial things to consider, such as paper quality, page size, quantity, and the glue that keeps the pages together. Each element of the magazine printing process plays a big role in producing a beautiful magazine.

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