Marketing Comics: How to Promote Your Comic Book

So you’ve finally got your dream and you’re a proud (self-) published comic book author. You might think this is reward enough, but, if you want people to actually read and buy your book, you will have to learn how to promote your comic book. Here are some very effective tips on how to promote your comic book.

How to Promote Your Comic Book: 1. Start a blog.

A great way to get people acquainted with your work is to start a blog where you can document your experience as a writer, sharing your insight and musings on the craft and snippets/ teasers from your work that might lure people into reading the whole book. Try to update it consistently and share posts on your social media accounts.

2. Get busy on social platforms.

Think carefully whether you want to promote your work from your personal Facebook and Twitter account or you would rather set up an alternative account for this purpose alone. While genuineness and a personal “feel” can definitely be a plus, if you’re a more private person, you should probably choose the latter.

Either way, posting on Facebook and Twitter about your work can only help so much. You should also start spreading the word about your book on comic book-lovers’ groups sites. Unless you’ve already interacted with people on those groups and you are among friends, you might want to gradually build your way to the self-promoting bit.

3. Zoom in on geek hangouts.

We hope you didn’t scoff at this tip on how to promote your comic book. Indeed, geeks are not reputedly social creatures and are more likely to hang out at home, glued to a computer screen, but even they come out of their cave, if only to go to the comic book store or on joyous occasions, like Comic-Con. The price of renting a stall at a comic book convention might be quite prohibitive for a starting artist.

However, even if you only go to such an event as a visitor, take the opportunity to network with people there, whether it’s other comic book artists, people in the publishing industry or fellow-geeks. It might be helpful to print out some eye-catching leaflets to distribute.

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How to Promote Your Comic Book: 4. Stay in the loop.

Subscribe to newsletters announcing competitions and events for aspiring writers. Even if some competitions might not interest you as such, they might lead you to other opportunities for networking and spreading the word about your work.

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