Not so long ago, coloring books were considered a product for children. But nowadays, adult coloring book printing projects seem more plentiful than children’s coloring books.

Are you an author interested in finding a children’s book printing service? Whether you’re looking for coloring book printing for children or adults, Publishing Xpress can help create a final product you can be proud to offer. Our online calculators can give you an instant quote on your printing project:

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A coloring book printing service with great client service

Not every coloring book printing company will handle your project carefully, so be sure to explore your options fully before deciding on which company you will be working with. At Publishing Xpress, we pride ourselves on providing great client service from start to finish. We will guide you with worthwhile insights we have learned from past clients.

Self-publishing of coloring books tailored to your vision

Publishing Xpress tailors each project to our clients’ needs. If you have questions, talk with our customer service representatives. They’re happy to explain printing and binding options and answer any questions you may have about your coloring book printing project.

Looking for a little inspiration? Check out this article on how to create a coloring book. Or for some motivation, read how this woman turned adult coloring books into a lucrative business. You might also want to check out our blog article, Coloring Book Creation.

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Tips for Your Coloring Book Printing Project

As you’re working on your coloring book printing project, consider these tips:

Decide on a binding style. We offer perfect bound, plastic coil, saddle stitch, or wire-o. While coloring books can be printed with any of the four options, they are typically printed with saddle stitch, plastic coil, or wire-o. Saddle stitch is the least expensive of the binding styles and works well for coloring. Plastic coil and wire-o have the added feature of being able to lay flat while coloring. You can also turn the pages over so that only one page is showing at a time.

Choose paper stocks for your coloring books. For the inside pages, we would recommend 60# or 70# uncoated text stock. Both work well for coloring with crayons or markers. However, if you suspect your users will be using markers, consider printing only on one side of the page. Markers can bleed through the paper, but that won’t be a problem if there is just one image on one side of the page.

Using gloss or matte text stock can be a problem if markers are used. They will typically smear on those types of paper. We recommend ordering our free sample packet. It comes with samples of all four of our binding options. The plastic coil book has samples of all of our papers as well as gloss lamination and soft-touch lamination. Only one side of the paper samples have printing on them, so you can test the blank side with crayons and markers to see what is the best option for your coloring book.

With plastic coil or wire-o binding, consider using our heaviest cover stocks (120# cover or 16 pt. cover). That will make the covers more durable. You might also want to laminate the covers. Gloss lamination will really make the colors pop on the cover, while soft-touch lamination has a beautiful velvety feel to it. With saddle stitch binding, consider 100# cover stock. That is the heaviest that can be used with saddle stitching. You cannot use lamination with saddle stitch booklets.

Designing a great cover for a book is tough for most authors. But with coloring books, designing covers is much easier. Just use a colored version of one of your coloring book pages! It is usually better to color the page digitally. If you color the page by hand and scan it, the colors typically won’t be as vibrant. Make sure to add other pertinent information and you should be good to go.

One of the options we offer that is especially nice for coloring books is rounded corners. Especially if the coloring book is for children, you might want to consider corner rounded, so there are no sharp edges.

Before finishing up your coloring book, take a look at other similar coloring books that you like. If you are printing an adult coloring book, look at other adult coloring books. Do they simply contain pages and pages of uncolored images, or do they have other material in them? Do children’s coloring books contain word games, mazes, and other things? Maybe you want your book to be more of an activity book, with just some of the pages as coloring pages. Looking at other coloring books can give you many creative ideas. Make your coloring book stand out by adding features not found in other coloring books.

Before printing your book, have a few people you trust look at it. Do they have any recommendations for additions to the book? Although coloring books normally don’t have much writing in them, have someone proofread any text that is there. We just received a book from a client where 2 of the 8 words on the cover had typos! Another pair of fresh eyes looking at your coloring book is a great way to prevent these types of mistakes.

Nervous about how your finished coloring book will look? If you have the time, consider getting a hard copy press proof. We’ll print and bind the book exactly as you orders, so you will see what your finished books will look like. A hard copy press proof is only $60 if shipped via UPS ground service and $100 if shipped via UPS overnight service. The addition of a hard copy press proof will add about a week to the delivery time for all of your finished books. But the peace of mind of knowing how your book will turn out may be worth it.

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