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Comic Book Publishing: Spotlight on Yeti or Not

Ann O'Brien

July 9, 2019

Starting out as a young artist can be tough…and pricey! That’s why we are so glad we can offer great quality printing for low prices at Publishing Xpress and make it that much easier for artists like Amanda Semler to showcase their work. Amanda recently graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design and is excited to get her story-driven art out into the world. She creates ink drawings and painted cartoons that “really focus on the character’s psyche and their internal struggle on coming to peace with the outer world.” We really enjoyed printing her comic book publishing project.

Comic Book Publishing for Yeti or Not

This project was unique in many ways, but primarily because it was a three-part order: three books with the same contents, but widely different covers. The book itself is the first issue in an ongoing series in the Amanda’s “Yeti-verse” and it sets up the story of a fierce yeti huntress (and her very good dog) who seek revenge for what the yeti have done to her family. Titled “Yeti or Not: The Yeti of Thun Mountain,” this issue was the focus of the Release Party at Criminal Records in Atlanta, GA.

Project Specs

Paper: 60# Uncoated Text
Cover: 80# Gloss
Ink: Color
Size: 6.625 x 10.125
Binding: Saddle Stitch
# of pages: 28

Client Review

My experience with Publishing Xpress was awesome! I actually used two different printers for this endeavor of mine, because the first printing company wouldn’t let me get “variants” or smaller print runs of certain covers. Publishing Xpress made this very easy for me, and I honestly like how these books turned out better. The books came super fast! I sent them a print ready PDF, I even requested the wrong book size! And the team at Publishing Xpress e-mailed me because of the differently selected measurements. They fixed it to the print size in the PDF right away! 

I would definitely use Publishing Xpress again, because the books came (if I remember correctly) within 7 days of the initial order. Super easy and they came out perfect.

Since I used two different printers, I got a real comparison. The only thing I think I would like different is for there to be an option to have thinner cover paper (I can’t remember if there was) so that it would feel like a real comic….however, I told this to my friends, and they said they liked the sturdier stock covers just because of the self published aspect. So… I really think I would just keep the books as I ordered them in the first place. They are so beautiful! I think I’ll come to you guys if I sell out of these books.


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